The village of Houthalen-Helchteren –

A bunch of garbage, with a hint of perfume. In the village of Houthalen-Helchteren has a Remo landfill from the Group Machiels, a nebulizer, in order for the smell to go. It’s not the first time that a company should take measures against the nuisance caused. “There will be a watervernevelaar be placed in the work or geurschermen, but it’s perfume, we don’t,” says Jan, Most of the Ovam.

As the Sinksenfoor of Antwerpen in addition to the water treatment plant was set up, it also had to be there in response. A meiklokjesparfum had to be there, and the smells a cover-up. “For us, it’s more of a shampoogeur,” says the head of the Leaders down, He Williams. “We have to leave the hd still for an hour after work to work during the week, and a few hours. The nebulizer and the aroma will be provided by a French company that is specialized in geurmanagement .”

Photos: Dick Demey