The fundraising drive for the Cars to Need of Booischot (Heist-op-den-Berg) is going to support sms-based search. This act of the parents, following in the footsteps of the successful ‘crowd funding’ for the Future.

The family of a Pia and took almost 2 million from an impressive text message campaign. The family of a seventeen-month-old Cars to Man, is, meanwhile, not only 182.000 euros for a life-saving immunotherapy, which permanently suppresses have to deal with a tumor of the adrenal gland.

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at the End of last week, there was more than 50,000 euros were collected. “That’s the money we bijeengehaald over to a collection via Facebook, and a myriad of other actions,” says the mom Annick Williams.

The family is said to be very pleased with the response rate, the desired amount of 182.000 euros, however, is still far away. The “Belgian children’s Cancer fund to support new sms campaign to put in front of us. Of course, We are very happy with each and every action. Hopefully there will be some more on that. Of course, it is very easy to use text-to-donate.”

The action is called the ” Aid, Giant Cars’. You will be prompted to ‘Cars’ by sending a text message to the number 6045. Each text takes the 2 euros, and in the Future. The ‘crowd funding’ via a text message, it is only this weekend started. “We have yet to see an exact view of the results, but there seems to be a pretty good idea of text to enter. If it ever turns out that there is money left over, then they look at the children’s Cancer fund to support other children to join in and help,” says Annick.

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