The owners of this site will miljardenboete in USA
The owners of this site will miljardenboete in USA

the owners, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the United States has been sentenced to a fine of $ 8 billion. A volksjury, in Philadelphia, ruled that the subsidiary of the effect of the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal to breast growth in boys ‘ had been given. It’s going to be a recordboete this year, is imposed by a united states volksjury. Johnson & Johnson will appeal, calling the sentence “excessive” and “unwarranted”.

The decision comes after a complaint was received from a man, Nicholas Murray, of Maryland, who have to let go of what is suffering, and it means ever since his youth, took over. The man invented the female breast. He was a few years ago for a compensation of $ 680,000.

According to his lawyers, Thomas R. Kline walk away from the pharmaceutical company, more than 10,000 of the same kind. Analysts expect that J&J will strive to be a global solution.

The farmaconcern did last year, to more than $ 15 billion in profits. It is expected that the penalty in Risperdal case was on appeal, significantly lower.

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