Japan comes out as threatened, the International whaling Commission (IWC). The government in Tokyo announced on Wednesday officially. The government spokesman Yoshihide Suga announced on Wednesday. Therefore, the country wants to hunt from next July, for commercial purposes of whales. This will however be confined to Japan’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zones, assured the government spokesman. “We are not the waters in the Antarctic or in the southern hemisphere to hunt.”

the number Three in the world economy for the first time in around 30 years from July next year, commercial hunting of the marine mammals.

The step is not a Surprise, it is expected that the government in Tokyo, but sharp criticism. Japan failed in September in the IWC with a request for a return to commercial whaling. The Japanese government then warned, Japan see to prompted a “fundamental reassessment of his Position as a member of the IWC”.

the government spokesman, Suga, said on Wednesday that the International whaling Commission will be informed until the end of the year, it was officially announced the withdrawal of Japan. This is in order to 30. June valid.

The commercial whaling has been banned since 1986, a Moratorium on international. Japan uses a loophole in the agreement, according to which whales may be killed for research purposes. The country scientific reasons for whaling claim that the meat of whales killed but is subsequently used for consumption.