More than six months after revealing a first photo of the model, Cadillac recently presented an almost complete display of its Optiq, an entry-level electric crossover. With its standard all-wheel drive and a projected autonomy that is still competitive, its popularity could well take off.

Beyond its resolutely Cadillac design with its cascading diodes and rear lights hugging the pillars, this Optiq shares most of its dimensions with the Chevrolet Equinox EV. At 4.8 m long, including almost 3 m taken up by the wheelbase, its size is between a CR-V and a Honda Pilot.

Only one mechanical configuration will be offered by the manufacturer, namely a standard all-wheel drive system composed of two electric motors producing 300 hp in total and 354 lb-ft of torque. This is, in short, slightly more (12 hp and 21 lb-ft) than the all-wheel drive Equinox EV, no doubt to justify its hierarchical rank and possibly compensate for the weight difference.

Regardless, the Optiq will still benefit from a range of 482 km drawn from an 85 kWh Ultium battery. Charging power peaks at 150kW, when obviously plugged into compatible fast charging stations. More details will be known, including its price, before production begins in the fall.