The bullet is through the church: to Open the VLD will send Bart Somers, and Lydia Smith for the new Flemish government was formed. Somers is vice-president and the secretary of the Society and the local government. Lydia Smith will get the portfolios of Mobility and Public Works. That partijvoorzitster Gwendolyn Rutten on Wednesday announced it via Twitter.

While the CD&V and N-VA, on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, revealed the feature to be, let’s Open VLD, means there’s no way today to communicate at all. I sent also to hear for themselves the news of the world, and not themselves, as was to be expected, but I have been Parsons in the new Flemish government will be able to.

“Bart, and I have a very strong liberal team of the Flemish government,” said Rutten. “Both of them have many years of experience in the Flemish region and the central government. I have all the faith in the ambitious project of the Flemish government coalition agreement and the liberal stance that it will perform in the years to come.”

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The choice of the system, Somers-Smith, it means that I don’t have the government step in. It is not yet clear what the political future, for I will. Within a few months, voorzittersverkiezingen with the liberal democrats. I was as of this year, the mayor of the Flemish Brabant-Aarschot. It has yet to not be in her cards out.

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BART SOMERS minister of the Society, and local government

Bart Somers, returns after fifteen years to return to the Flemish government, and is vice-president, and is responsible for the co-existence and relationships. These include the powers of local government, inclusion and social integration, equal opportunities, urban policy, administrative, personnel, and organization.

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the Spokesperson of guy Verhofstadt

now, Somers was in 1992, and joined the communication department of the VLD, and was the deputy editor-in-chief of the Burgerkrant. He remained in that role until 1995. After that, he went to work for the VLD Senaatsfractie, and in 1997, he was spokesman of the party, Guy Verhofstadt. In 1999, he was elected a Member of parliament in the year 2000 and won the Somers, and the local council in Mechelen, belgium after a campaign in which he focused on safety and security. He began his career as a government coalition with the christian democrats and the greens.

even Though Somers was planning to impose on his time as mayor, he became, in 2003, through the leadership of the party an overhaul in order to get Patrick Dewael as minister-president. Dewael, left it to the federal government, as the minister of the Interior and kingdom relations. Somers, the function is only a little over a year, until the elections in 2004. After that, he became a member in the Flemish Parliament and chairman on an interim basis, after Karel De Gucht, belgian minister. At the end of 2004 that he was officially a candidate, as president. Somers, which won the kiesstrijd a little with the 50,46% of the vote. His main rival, Jean-Marie Dedecker, got 38,32 percent of the time. In 2006, Somers was re-elected in Mechelen, belgium, is in a cartel with the Green, and then he’s in for a second term of office as mayor of the city was started. In 2007, he went back to the Room.

‘the Best mayor in the world ”

In 2009, the leed (Open-VLD, and a defeat in the election for the Flemish Parliament, in which Somers and his resignation from the party was submitted. In the local elections of 2012, it was again in the cartel, with the Green, and then he’s in for a new term as mayor began. Since 2014, he sits once again in the Flemish Parliament, where he is the leader of.

As mayor of the city of Mechelen, received the Somers high praise for the manner in which the city has been transformed, and in 2017 he is winning in the election as the “best mayor in the world”. A year later, it led to an absolute majority in favour of the cartel. It’s mandate is, according to Somers, the function of which he was most devoted. “It’s brought me closer to the people. In all of their diversity and sensitivity”, he said.

Current ships, the Alexander Vandersmissen to follow, Bart Somers, Photo: Dirk Vertommen

In the run-up to the election showed Somers and a clear understanding that he is to return the minister would have to be in order to be Mechels project is to extend to the whole of Flanders. “In other countries, people look at Luxury approach,” he said just before the election. “We have put in place clear rules, but they are distinctly all-inclusive. Also, I had such an approach. Because a divided society is an unsafe society.” His new powers seem to be cut out to make that goal happen.

(Ongena and Vandersmissen to replace Somers

Tom Ongena (44) and in Sint-Katelijne-Waver (belgium) to follow Somers ‘ in the Flemish Parliament. He is currently the president of the liberal democratic group and the city council of Sint-Katelijne-Waver (belgium).

Current ships, the Alexander Vandersmissen follow Bart Somers in as mayor of the city of Mechelen (malines), so as to confirm a liberal source.

the house of LYDIA SMITH: the minister for Mobility and Public Works

The second is a liberal post in the government, going to be the Hilly, Lydia Smith. Smith was allowed almost a year ago, with Bart Tommelein, the government-Bourgeois group, where she is the minister of Finance, Budget and Energy. The government — Ham and will Smith are the powers of Mobility and Public Works.

the Smith (50), is a former corporate lawyer who, since 2001, the mayor of the area municipality in Dilsem-Stokkem, where she is since she was offered a ministerial appointment leave replacement. Her father was in the same branch vessels, and in a short period of time the mayor has been.


the house of Lydia Smith’s seat in 2009 in the Flemish Parliament, where she was noticed especially in case around the betonstop and boskaart, where they are picked up for those who fear their land will lose it.

note that In the Flemish Parliament, Smith was succeeded by Steven Coenegrachts (34) from Riemst. Coenegrachts is a council member and are actively managed by the national partijwerking.

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