The need for drivers of goods vehicles and buses and coaches seem to be greater now than ever before. But the one driver has a real ‘war for talent’ is, the fact that the other driver is not as much the case now. So what’s the difference? “There are a lot of aspects to the job of a truck driver.”

“there was A big distinction in the type of driving that the driver needs it,” replied Laenja Pattyn, as well as strategic account manager, transportation & logistics at the local unemployment office, if we have the demand to submit to a bottleneck in the bus and truck drivers. “In fact, there are only four types of licences: tel: (C) for fixed a truck, CE lorries with a tractor and trailer, to bus drivers and regular drivers license for the classic transport services by more efficient.”

The node is found in the case of driving licences (C, CE, d, “It often proves to be a stumbling block in order to catch up. The written exam is not so easy. And as a final exam, you must also take in one of the three official languages. Also, the required level of English is quite high. That doesn’t make it always easy for non-native speakers.”

The lack of drivers turned out for the last couple of weeks, and months, among others due to the chauffeurtekort on The Line, so some lines may not always be able to be controlled. “But to go from that traditional carriers often have no drivers to be found, such that certain journeys may not be carried out. Only it is for a citizen or consumer, and less on the suggest Laenja Pattyn.

Which, according to Pattyn will also have a role to play, it is the not-so-positive connotation. “The job is struggling a little bit with the a’s image problem: it would be hard work with long hours, and underpaid. And, as a driver, and you’ll get the occasional noise by the passengers. That’s just a part of it, but it’s also true that the working conditions do not appeal to everyone.”

the Fact is that an unemployed truck driver, is certainly one with one of these much sought after’ driver’s licences often have a choice. “There’s definitely a war for talent, with drivers in the corridor. I hear from a lot of drivers who have somewhere else to go to work for a hundred dollars a month extra. Or, for drivers who own their truck and can set-up.”