Shocking Revelations Found in Myka and James Stauffers’ Vlogs Regarding Their Adopted Son

• Viewers of Myka and James Stauffer’s YouTube channel noticed the absence of their adopted son, Huxley, before the couple disclosed their decision to re-home him through adoption dissolution.
• Concerned followers began searching for clues about Huxley, who was diagnosed with autism after being adopted from China, and his whereabouts.
• The most telling indication of his absence was spotted on James’ YouTube channel, Stauffer Garage.
• In a new docuseries, Vox Media Studios delved into the Stauffer scandal, where fans discovered potential signs that the couple was concealing information about Huxley, now known by a different name in his new family.
• Observant viewers in 2020 noticed that Huxley’s car seat was missing from James’ car footage on his auto maintenance channel.
• Subscribers also noticed that comments mentioning Huxley were being deleted, and videos featuring the toddler were suddenly set to private.
• Myka and James eventually shared a video explaining their decision to place Huxley with a new family better suited to meet his special needs.
• The couple’s lawyers emphasized that the choice was made after consulting with healthcare professionals to ensure Huxley received the best care.
• Despite facing backlash, Myka deleted her YouTube channels and issued an apology on Instagram for the controversy surrounding their adoption dissolution.