The offering period for those interested in the beleaguered North LB will be extended by one day. The financial investors had asked for a postponement and would have to submit their offers for entry as a minority shareholder in Landesbank now for the first time on Saturday, said lower Saxony’s Ministry of Finance on Friday. Originally, the private investors would have had to make in the course of the Friday of your offer.

get The owner of the North German Landesbank looking for over a year, in order to strengthen the thin capital cushion of the institution, without problems with the EU because of illegal state aid. Most recently, she had negotiated financial circles, according to the US investment company Cerberus and Centerbridge. The Investor Apollo were given less of a chance.

the chief expects to be Offered

the group chief Thomas Bürkle said recently in a Reuters Interview: “I assume that we will get to the deadline on Friday.” He had left open the question of whether he expected two or three offers.