Sunday evening, immediately following the VTM the News of up to 19 hours of interrupted Frances Lefebure, and Faroek Özgünes, the normal, the VTM programme in order to have a special appeal to the other with ease. Nidhi Chapkekar, the Indian flight attendant, who three years ago, it may unintentionally become the face of the terrorist attacks at the airport, is still looking for a single man to her through her most difficult hours got.

The man took a long time for her and five other people injured, to be taken to the hospital. She would like to thank him for his intervention, but after many searches, the missing track.

In a special live show called Frances and Faroek everyone on this journey of discovery, and to support and live call center. “We had such a great story, so we don’t have to lie,” said Frances. “After our first meeting with Nidhi, we were even more convinced of this. She is such a warm and positive woman. After that, the research got stuck, and decided that we are the expert in the matter, in his own house, in turn, Faroek Özgünes, and the Return of the VTM. That was immediately agreed to help us out.”

The main point of reference in the search for a robottekening to do that and it will be released.

What do we know about the man?

between the ages of 40 and 50 jaarslank gebouwdhalflang: blond, wavy, haarop of Brussels Airport, at the time of the attacks, the work in the line of medical postdroeg in a white shirt and spoke very good English (and, by the Nidhi is not specified languages) and More about the Attacks, Brussels and the Truck rides a memorial for the victims on march 22 at the pieces “A year in the most dramatic of details to see, which is important in a jury process on march 22, is the longest, the the most expensive and the heaviest ever to the Judiciary, not to mention the cost of the process around the attacks, Commented: “for 17 million euro to spend on a single process, for those who can understand it?” The military will continue at least through October on the street