The decision by the International Cycling union (UCI) to be the winner, He Eekhoff to be out of the race in the road race promises to be the world cup in the Uk, the Yorkshire remains, for the world of cycling equally. He Eekhoff had a crash early in the race too many times in a car, gestayerd, according to the panel of judges. Something that really hampered it got on social media. The new images are now showing, however, that the fact Eekhoff actually a few minutes behind a car, he was on the tv-motard that is all followed up for him.

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finally, The judges argued hard decision to make on images that are not live, had been sent out to see what He Eekhoff, as long as took advantage of the slipstream of the team car, that of a world which could not fail to materialise. The UCI gave them the images are now free and it is also a statement of her hard decision to make.

“The runner was disqualified for taking shelter behind a vehicle and (4.7) of article 2.12.007) for a period of more than two minutes to complete. The maximum penalty was not applied, due to the long period of time. The decision was taken by the panel of commissioners after the race, on the basis of the images of a motorcycle camera that was available to the UCI videocommissaris. People who become match officials have, that the images have been reviewed, and they followed the correct procedure by the rider and the team, prior to the decision.”

“The wedstrijdcommunique also reports that two other riders were disqualified on the basis of the same article, and in accordance with the same procedure. As the world of cycling is in place, the UCI, is to be strong in order to ensure the integrity of the bike, and fairness on the field of play to protect it.”

“the Correct decision of a jury,”

The British wielerauteur Peter Cossins put up the first part of that footage is on Twitter. “The images seen by Eekhoff, which, by the Dutch ploegauto two and a half minutes to be in the convoy of the ploegauto was brought up. This is just an excerpt from it. Absolutely, no doubt about that, and the UCI jury made a correct decision to give him out of the race.”

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“So what!”

A different story is told by a Belgian, Must Vansevenant, to the motard, which Eekhoff, followed in hot pursuit with the camera man on his motorcycle.

“The statues were returned to our motorbikes, I was the camera operator on the back,” said Vansevenant. “I have been 41 years old at the rennerpeloton. Of the thousands of people that after the event of a breakdown or fall on the strength of men back to where they were before their event, I would not feed them. I am yesterday, 20 yards from the guy during the car chase out of the area. A small water bottle-collé and the use of the team as a pace-maker is, what he has done, and after miles of chasing, again, his place in the pack. So what!”

“He was among the favorites are considered to be our director, has decided, rightly, that we are in him and will continue to return to this. Some will give you when we have our cameras in the next few days will appear, and on Sunday with a well-liked happening? We want to be as a supporter, don’t know how he was injured or not, terugvecht in order to recover. You have fought like a lion, He, well done Champ.”

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in Short, it is an interpretation, and the last one for this disqualification has not been said before.

The main criticism has been that it Eekhoff is far from being the only rider was that after the bad luck so early on in the course, with the benefit of the team. While in others it is tolerated.

The German has now, of course, a bit of bad luck, however, very difficult to be punished after he has his dream, it seemed to have been achieved. Why wait so long to get to me. And as for the UCI, the images at its disposal, why are they now not be released until after all the criticism of the international cycling federation UCI has been able to get it off your chest…

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