The new head of the industry giant As an Intern rejected, he is building now as the chief FIG umBjörn Rosengren had to wait a long time until he took at his request, the employer ABB foot. Now he wants to trim the electric group with a decentralised model to return. Angelika Gruber0 Comment of a new FIG-Chef Björn Rosengren wanted to after Uni to FIG. Photo: PD

For Björn Rosengren is his new Job as a FIGURE-head a late revenge: As a young engineer, he has applied to his University degree in Sweden for an internship at the predecessor company Asea. “I was not even invited for an Interview,” says Rosengren decades later. But he probably got over it: Now, the 61-year-old Manager for well over 100 days at the top of his desire of company, which is now merged with the Swiss BBC to FIG.

Be the Start in Zurich was anything but easy: Due to the Coronavirus, the business broke in the beginning of the year, first in China and later in Europe and the United States: “In the second quarter, all our business will be affected,” says Rosengren – the worst of the industrial robot business, which depends heavily on the ailing auto industry. But already before the crisis, it is not delivery in the case of ABB, the profits drop.

the divisions get more responsibility and have to

deliver change to Rosengren. As the Manager has learned during his career in the Scandinavian industrial groups: He shifted competences from the Central office in the individual business areas – with success. Yields rose both in the case of Atlas Copco, as well as later on, the Finnish marine engine manufacturer Wärtsilä and the special machine manufacturer Sandvik.

This principle he now applies also in the case of FIG, wherein the Board has proposed Peter Voser for the guard rails. Rosengren wants to monitor the key financial figures for the 18 individual FIG-divisions in the future, strict. In focus, he has those areas that do not meet the return targets. He comes with his Team concluded that ABB is not the owner, then he wants to check “on unsentimental way,” a sale, he announced.

Rosengren is considered to be a Confidant of Sweden

The back cover of twelve percent main shareholder – the Swedish industrialist family of Wallenberg is likely to him to be sure. She also holds the larger shares in Rosenberg’s previous employer, Atlas Copco and Wärtsilä. The Swedish financial investor Cevian, a further six per cent to FIG.

employee representatives on the strategic direction, the individual divisions are welcome to transfer more responsibility. You ask, however, that Rosengren receives the FIG in its present Form, as Mirko Geiger, head of the IG Metall in Heidelberg, Germany, says. “There was always speculation that the business with electrification products to be sold or independently, is to be made. Because we have the expectation to Mr Rosengren, that he holds together the entire group under the hat of the FIG,” says Geiger, who is represented in the Supervisory Board of ABB Deutschland.

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