The new coach of Hannover 96 Thomas Doll as a driver and Motivator
The new coach of Hannover 96 Thomas Doll as a driver and Motivator

The lively procedure in the cellars of this pretty stadium is always nice. And the “Hello”, with Thomas Doll in the football League reported back, was a very nice and strong. Hannover 96 has asked the long-time striker, and an experienced coach to help, because the club is in many ways in danger. In addition to the sporting crash deep in the descent region of the outer impression will have to complain about that behind the Scenes in Hannover much of a mess. As a positive thinker and attitude Adjuster comes as Doll just right. “The boys here kick the can. It is important that we get back,“ says the new hope while all the cameras were focused on him. Doll has been elected to be the successor of André width rider that was released on Sunday from his task.

The Gang in the locker room, the usual rates are in the spotlight followed. In his performance as a head coach, whose contract should have until 2020 for the first and second League of validity, used Doll of practice and pragmatics-influenced vocabulary. More courage, more chest, more chances to create, enforce more respectful of the opponents ‘ legs: Strictly little New and in-Depth was taken at this first public appearance of the new 96-Trainer. But it comes in Hannover and in view of the precarious Situation in the table at all?

have been earned Under the direction of width of the rider in 19 encounters only 11 points. In Parallel with this, the majority went to self-confidence lost. Here a is placed as Doll. “We have opted out of Conviction for Thomas. He has accompanied all the facets that there are in football,“ said Hannover’s Director of sport Horst Heldt. A relegation battle with Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League with Hamburg SV, the League title in Hungary with Ferencvaros Budapest: The Vita of the Doll is colorful. Only about 50 spectators wanted to witness at first hand, as he approaches his first exercise unit, must have been on Monday, the dreary and gray rainy weather in Hannover.

the obligation of the Doll and of the compensation for the width of the tab want to buy Hannover 96 also have a little rest. A week had done the decision-makers of the Association with the Martin kid at the top is extremely difficult to inform the Public and to take the desired width of the tab out of the firing line. Doll acknowledged that he had been a week ago from Hannover 96 is contacted – so exactly at a time when President child said that a dismissal of the width of the tab have not even been up for debate. At least Heldt has, according to the public in the width of the tab, and significantly for this to be hanging hard-to-income end of the game, sorry. The Rest of the unpleasant side effects will go in the everyday life of professional sports quickly.

this Friday (20.30 clock in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker of the German Bundesliga and Eurosport Player) in Hannover already in the home game against RB Leipzig. And the announcement of the Doll is unmistakable. All of the 96-players have to start from zero, everyone gets their Chance: as a Trainer, which were a long time player, and impulsive way of trying to get in a game cabin with a bad mood thoroughly ventilate motivate. The quick commitment of Doll for the total of appallingly unsuccessful width of the tab suggests that Hannover 96 is still capable of action, and do not like to give up. “15 games still remain in order to rotate the blade,” says Doll. He was very taken with the child and Heldt to the first address to the team in the cabin. Doll, a could as have he with the necessary fire for the football in any League in the world. As a scorer, he was extremely impulsive. Rouse, spur, motivate: These qualities as a coach are probably its Strengths. Heldt describes the Doll as a stress-resistant head coach, the living example of something, and not to be considered for a long time. Have claimed that in the Era of the child some of the exercise head. In more than 20 years at the helm of Hannover 96, the President has worn out at least 17 different trainers plus a variety of managers, sports Directors and the managing Director.