the Netherlands is sure to be a tv presenter Frits Wester. That took a bad turn when a broadcast is received, and the question is whether that’s as a result of drinking too much, or there’s something else to play. Says he’s tired of it, < / I> breaking News is said to find out what happened.

breaking News host Steve Western was made last week in Italy to have an interview with a politician named Geert Wilders. He brought out a live report of what was said, but how did the eye brows frown. On Twitter, they shared dozens of Dutch nationals, the intervention of a Western, with a double tongue and stumble over his words, not the best impression to them.

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The question is in the Netherlands a few days later, still under the spell, you will find some of the highly questionable actions of the journalist, you can declare it as such. Grappend, it was an intoxicating agent said, “too many limoncello’s – but a lot of people were also wondering if there is something wrong with the host.

Himself, he would set everyone at ease by saying that he was tired. “People don’t have to worry. I was very tired and had to be suddenly and quickly in front of the camera alone. It had been more tightly managed, that is, I have to admit,” says he, News .

In breaking News , says the deputy editor-in-chief With Oppeneer, that the notice that Western is not in the form it was. “We are in talks with him,” said Oppeneer, at the NPO Radio 1 . “We’re still trying to figure out what is going on. It is well-known to a wide audience, but also one of the breaking News . We have an employer-employee relationship with him. Therefore, we are not too far out.”