of The population, “Extension can Never” dagvaardt of the local government, the developer and operator for a new airport, and two in the Flemish administration. That the report of the citizens ‘ platform Vliegerplein on Thursday. According to the group, and two of the neighbors that are to the right of the steps, the take-off runway of the airport, illegally extended, and is operated without the proper permits.

According to the action group and local residents during the ondertunnelingswerken of the Krijgsbaan, which is close to the airport and, also, an expansion of the airport run. All the while, both the application and in the licence decision was explicitly included in the application, only the construction of the tunnel included.

when the work would be the runway that is ten feet longer, are made out of. The baanstrook around, the runway was enlarged, and an additional safety zone created. In onvergunde have been applied and the hardening is performed in an agricultural area. As a consequence, there is a non-licensed and not permitted under zoning regulations operations done to the plaintiff.

now, Therefore, dagvaardt npo-Renewal, Never been to the Flemish government, more specifically the Roads and Traffic Agency) and the department of Mobility and Public Works, together with leading officials in Tom Roelants and Filip Boelaert. Also the developer of LOM in Antwerp, and the operator LEN in Antwerp will be sued.

finally, The petitioners ‘ request for a criminal prosecution, and the recovery of the property, and the disruption of the zonevreemd use of the site without a permit. The matter is before the court of first instance in Antwerp on the 5th of november.