Anna the influencer, Anna the swimming teacher and Promenades coquines… Focus on three naughty fictions to discover this weekend from February 3 to 5, 2023.

To start this first weekend of February in good company, the OCS Choc channel invites its subscribers to get to know Anna the influencer. A sulphurous pornographic film directed by Les Compères in 2021. At the heart of this 1h55 fiction, follow the adventures of our very active and popular heroine with thousands of fans on social networks. “His creed: to test all the novelties in terms of sex toys and give his precious advice for a fulfilling sex life”, indicates the synopsis of the film, whose music is by Marc Dorcel. Among the famous hard faces present in the cast, we find Anna Polina, Carollina Cherry, Lylou Glam’s, Niko Louax, Ricky Mancini and Tony Caliano. Drop a “like” for this movie, you won’t be disappointed!

If you overindulged during Candlemas, here is the perfect remedy to burn your calories in front of this new fiction. The OCS Max channel invites you to meet Anna the swimming teacher for a very naughty and special lesson. In this 1h55 film, directed by Les Compères in 2021, we discover a pretty and buxom heroine who gives private lessons to a man who has just escaped a terrible drowning. “A keen but clumsy fisherman, Tony nearly drowned trying to reel in a recalcitrant fish,” reads the summary. It was then that his best friend Ricky, also very close to his wife, introduced him to lifeguard Anna. In the cast of this sulphurous fiction, find again Anna Polina and her accomplices Maïlyne, Tiffany Leiddi, without forgetting the charming Tony Caliano, Ricky Mancini and Axel Reed.

On Sunday night through Monday, CSTAR invites you to watch Naughty Walks. Directed by American filmmaker David Campbell in 2014, this 1h35 erotic TV movie will excite all your senses on a very hot evening. At the heart of this naughty plot, you will follow the adventures of a couple who treat themselves to a romantic weekend in the mountains. “During this romantic getaway, the two lovebirds meet strangers with magnetic charm who do not leave them insensitive. Something to spice up their stay and multiply sensual experiences”, specifies the summary of the fiction. From swinging scenes between couples to sensual experiences with libertine hosts, the TV movie intends to ignite the spirits and in particular with music signed by composer Bruce Edwards. On the casting side, we find hard stars like Erika Jordan, Jason Sarcinelli, Jayden Cole, Misty Anderson and Sean Juergens. Have you made your choice ? Settle into your seat and be seduced all weekend long!