the Following is the first major hurdle – the conclusion of a coalition agreement, must have the authority and the ministersposten to be distributed. The longer are party conferences approved the CD&V and Open VLD, the coalition government’s agreement is already very good. Now, it is certain that the CD&V, the three ministers, the N-VA, four-and-Open-VLD, the two.

IT features an extra-ministerspost brought to the division of powers in the new Flemish government was formed. This is conrmed by several sources. Originally, the CD&V, there are two, and the president. That last post is now going to be the N-VA, which is one of ministerspost hand. In the place of five ministers (including the prime minister, Ham), she has four. Open VLD remains on the two governments. The exact names of the three parties tonight, or last night, not filled in.

There should be an agreement on the division of powers and responsibilities, but it was only after the longer are party conferences, the three parties involved, the division of communications. It may take some time to honor here the clarity will be there. However, it is now clear that CD&V), the power of Brussels to get. It would be able to go to Benjamin on It.

when the congress does (CD&V) have an annual general meeting, which will be communicated to the ministerspost in the future. This proposal, however, is still not settled, it must be due to one of the group to be approved. The latter is only on the basis of the general meeting of shareholders.

Also, when the N-VA, it may take a long time. After the party congress, the leadership of a congregation, then there is a partijvergadering. In accordance with a high level of N-VA, there is “discussion”, and that can take some time.

longer are party conferences

The congress of N-VA, you will no doubt have little trouble with the coalition agreement, the government of Ham and I agree, wearing a plain S-FB-stamp. “A large number”, then let the party know about it via Twitter. For the N-VA, some 1,800 members of which met at Antwerp’s stadsschouwburg theatre.

it is Notable that several of the attendees at the VA, congress, and the agreement does not or will not at all have a read. “We have confidence in Joe,” seems to be the general tendency.

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as For the CD&V explained to Hilde Crevits, the coalition agreement will apply. “I will use my energy to make a good agreement to make,” she said during her speech. There were about a hundred members,
(CD&V) to approve the coalition agreement is good.

show up for the conference at the Royal museum for Fine Arts in Brussels, belgium. The coalition government’s agreement has been approved by 86 per cent of the votes cast: 495, 61 against, and 21 abstentions.

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as For the Open VLD, are Gwendolyn Won, and Bart Somers, of the group for the consent to be informed. Open VLD were about a hundred people showed up at the Blue Point with the boulevard Reyers in Brussels, belgium. It was in the coalition agreement, around 22: 30 hours will be approved.

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