the Vice-president of N-VA, Lorin Parys, it is amused , with the timing and communication of the PS head, Paul Magnette, and after, the beaches are the order of the preformateurs. “While Bart De Wever is still the king sat down, said Paul Magnette, in an interview with the COMPANY that there is an alternative: the purple-green government,” said Parys on Tuesday on Radio 1. Hilde Crevits is therefore the responsibility on the PS and N-VA is located. Finally, the SP.A president, Crombez questions about the ambitions of the N-VA, and to suggest a interimregering. “Time’s up,” he said.

The water in between the PS and N-VA, it is a deep, very deep. In almost all the areas, both parties are diametrically opposed to one another. According to Parys, it is the N-VA, with two of the key focuses of the talks with the French-speaking socialists who started it. On the one hand, like the Flemish nationalists and in the right socio-economic policies. On the other hand, there is the institutional framework. It is a synonym for “confederalisme” and more far-reaching autonomy of the provinces. “Each region will have its own pot to cook in, with their own budgets.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> In socio-economic terms, the parties are also not be found. So the PS will be the lowest of wages, salaries and pensions are handled, but it will “cost billions”, according to Parys.

“We have a clear proposal of the lowest ones. But if you get prescriptions from the PS to follow steven’s, we are a new and rising budget deficits.” Also, the community is not even willing to consider it for the PS.

“It’s institutional, has always been on the table in the corridor”, he said, “it’s a bit like the pope be blamed for that, he is catholic”.

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“You can stay in the Fleming, and the N-VA will not ask for it to be a program with which we will go to the voters has been drawn up, which is 100 percent honey, and an occupation on the socio-economic level and at the account of having to present in front of the Flemish people.”

the Time will be the vice-chair of the talks, don’t mention it, but without the socio-economic recovery, such as we have proposed,” or more autonomy for the regions, the N-VA will not be willing to compromise. the

the Responsibility for the two major parties,”

the the CD&V-head, Hilde Crevits, remains that of N-VA and PS, you should try to get the federal government off the ground. “For us, it is evident that the two major parties have a responsibility,” said Crevits Tuesday morning on Radio 1. The purple alternative from the Magnette, they may not be everyone’s tastes. “I’m definitely not happy with where we are right now,” says Flemish minister-president Hilde Crevits. The CD&V-politician is, however, that the PS and N-VA, “they need to take responsibility”.

Crevits was looking for and it was a metaphor for the game of football. “At a certain point you have to be a team to form, and you have to be prepared for the challenges”. With no lack of challenges, and each and every day without a solution, according to Crevits, “a lost day”. “The voters, the voting results are determined. If you have a stable government wants to do, and then you have the two main parties”.

SP.A: “Interimregering is the most reasonable slope”:

you may Also use the SP.A president, Crombez did on Tuesday, his few words in about the sluggish formation. More than 160 days from the date that he was far from sure that it is the N-VA in the first place by the federal government to action. Crombez reception and also to the perception of war for PS and N-VA is now fully run in. He wants to make sure that both parties made wine for them. “I am the beginning of me doing so, is to ask: “does the N-VA will not decide to not be in the government to get involved? Their goal is to get a federal block, and the country is split,” said Crombez. “The N-VA says that it is confederalisme it should be. This is not the attitude of a party that has come up with a solution to the government.”

in the Event that the N-VA to actually non , said the federal government would be the country to benefit from its clarity. “Then there are other things to be looked at”. The purple-green government, then, is a possible alternative. But it is also a interimregering, a reflection of the regional governments (PS-MR-Ecolo, along the Walloon side, and the N-VA, CD&V and Open VLD on the Flemish side of the road), it is a possibility. Crombez mention that, even for the most reasonable line”. “So, do you put more weight on the regions’, which sounds like it is. However, the difficulty there is that the Ecological is not at the table, with the N-VA. And, it seems, with each and every scenario is going to be an issue.

the King sets

In the meantime, put the King He set on Tuesday his consultations are ongoing. The new round of consultations should be used to support the federal government negotiations to re-track. The first to receive the king, prime minister, Sophie Wilmès, then come and party chairs Gwendolyn Rutten (Open VLD), John Crombez (SP.(A) from the centre. And Koen Geens (CD&V) has received an invitation.

It is at the moment unclear as to what the next step will be. There is a new effort for the two biggest parties, the N-VA and PS are close to each other, and the purple-green government? Or is the alternate option for the purple-and-green government will be tested?
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