the Members, Was that Of ‘Peel’ (N-VA), John Crombez (SP.(A) join hands together to make the statute of limitations on sexual abuse of minors should be abolished. They have to have a bill ready, and that they are the priority, and will submit to the Committee the ministry of Justice. Child abuse is the perfect crime, and only later – sometimes many years – to get to you, so that the offender’s free will, motivated by the fact that their proposal is submitted.

now, the Flemish nationalists and the socialists, who have put together a proposal to bring to the table, it doesn’t happen every day. SP.A president, Crombez, and the N-VA Member of parliament, is home to bundle now, therefore, be in the forces, and to invoke them in the same breath as the other parties, their proposals have to to support. “This is no time for partisan politics to play. This is something that we will be able to achieve this in a time of pending cases.”

John Crombez (Photo: Photo News

Today, the statute of limitations for sexual abuse of minors 15 years of age. The problem with this is that it is for the victims, often years before they are ready for their story to come out, and with it the risk that the offence is already statute-barred, it is. “Because of the statute of limitations are going to be a lot of offenders off scot-free, and to feel they are untouchable” said Crombez, and Van de Peel, which is itself affected. They point out that it is often not a single victim’s remains. “The vulnerability allows offenders to pick up and move on.”

as of The termination of the period of limitation shall be extended to the new facts and allegations that are not yet statute-barred, it is. Crombez, and is home to insist, however, in the interest of the victims as soon as possible to get out and go to the court steps. “Because, as soon as possible to help get a lot of grief you can save money as well as a lawsuit is more likely to be successful if the facts are yet to been recently”, it could be that. In this nest they are still in action. “However, the suspension of the limitation period, it is also important to the final piece. Those who abuse children to have known of it, for we don’t have more, feel free to walk around.”

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