the mystery on the train. It sounds like a perfect title for a book, but the following Tuesday morning, it was for Jonathan Hendricks is in reality. He saw that, after all, how can a man have two newspapers to read, in the year of 2012, and then simply left. “A time traveler? A man with a very particular passion? Well, I don’t know about it. However, I would really like to meet you. I have so many questions,” said Jonathan, in a local Newspaper.

Tuesday afternoon, 12.21 pm, on the line from Zottegem to Sint-Pieters Ghent is looking for Jonathan on the train. Across from him sat a forty-something, with a blue coat and a brown shirt, two of the newspapers, like so many others do. Asked by Jonathan is out of the question, until the man got out of the car, and the papers left on the table. “A little later, I took them out of curiosity in a moment, because I’ve noticed something ‘strange’ on the layout. And I learned that the newspapers were in 2012,” says the man in his twenties.

the Particular newspapers

“It’s really, really weird: the papers were in perfect order. It seems as if they are eight years old a long time in a plastic kaftje have been saved. There is no kreukje to be seen, not a speck of them,” says Jonathan, who, the newspapers and be intrigued to take home with me.

Also, the contents seem to him as less than significant. “For instance, is a 16-January-2012‘, The Mornin’. It is a story about the sinking of the Costa Concardia, the income from Anderlecht to Club Brugge. The other newspaper is from two days later. “The Standard of’ on the departure of Phil Bosmans, but there is not a single subject in a striking match to the other side of it,” he says. That person would have saved for a notable event to follow, it seems next to impossible.

Time travelers

the and The mystery that speaks to not only him, but also a lot of Flemish people. More than 2,000 people have already had a like on a post, and the comments are teeming with conspiracy theories. The “maybe he’s a time traveller” on, “the kuisploeg it is, however, very, very, very late,” to, “it would have been a train of eight years of delay have been”.

(The text in the tweet.)

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The call-up of Jonathan, has yet to have any of the saving of the answers given. “I’ve been to a dozen or so mails. There’s a lot of crap in between, and even change the letters of the so-called ‘time travelers’, but I’ve got so far to three serious proposals. A few people have sent me, after all, is already in use by a number of men, who have a lot of old newspapers collected. But they were tentative, all of them old, and I am sure that it will be a forty-something, was. And I wonder if anything else is going on. Why would collectors of those papers, then just leave it lying around the house?”

so, Jonathan continues to look for. “I really hope that I can find, I have to ask so many questions. And the other thing is, in any case, a good start to a new book,” he says.