From the Ad on the Gent to Oudenaarde and Sint-Niklaas, and is a Shit. Over the whole of Flanders came there Saturday evening, reports of an “exploding ball” high in the sky. The ufo reporting desk was given no time have so many posts of the same question. “A couple weather balloon”, think of them up there. “But who is it?”, it asks us to David Dehenauw away from it. “We were not on it.”

the “Four messages,” said Frederick Delaere, of the ufo-hotline. “It’s very, very much. A lot has to due with the fact that it was a warm, sunny Saturday night – then there is no problem a lot of people out. But most of all was that thing in the sky was huge and clear. Because, as we have received notifications from a wide area. For the most part of the city, but also in the Ad, Saint-Nicolas, or from aalst they could see it. And all they were talking about the same thing: a large bulb, or a bright star, and it exploded.”

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Delaere reason to suspect that it was a weather balloon which is at a 30 km altitude, soon may be expanded to a diameter of 20 meters, and then exploded. “Of course it is not a ufo,” he said. “Our society is always on the lookout for what an object does rather than what it isn’t.”

‘Ufo’ of 50 euros.

“But who let that balloon in the air?”, ask RMI-us and David Dehenauw away from it. “We will use weather balloons to ozonmetingen to do so. But we’re only on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s in the sky. The weather service of the armed forces Meteowing doing that again, mostly at night. Once you have the balloons at high altitude, it will explode, she was indeed because of the low air pressure is turned off. But it’s already being done in a couple of hours after you take it off.”

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as a consumer, because, on the internet, you can get the balloons so as to buy it. For one who is 23 km away, a high flying, expect to pay € 50 for the winner, which is 40 km in height and 3 kilograms of equipment, tools, and a camera with a parachute that can carry it, is up to 700 euros.

finally, Though, Marc Van den Broeck, managing director of the public observatory Urania, however, had his doubts whether it was actually a weather balloon it was. “I’ve seen. The white orb hung down a quarter of an hour still in the same place. Therefore, I thought at first that it was a bright star. Weather balloons-see, you will never be as long as, after only a few minutes to explode, that is. In addition, it is also known as the big pieces that are dropping. We have to look rather in the direction of the satellite, or rakettrap that has been. Would there normally be a report to be provided by NASA or ESA, which is not yet done.”

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