The mysterious death of Olof Palme Is Sweden’s largest murder case before the enlightenment?34 years ago, the Swedish Prime Minister was shot on the way home from the cinema. On Wednesday morning, the Prosecutor wants to introduce new evidence to the unresolved case.Andreas Free0 KommentareOlof Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden, at a press conference in Geneva, undated recording. Photo: Keystone

On the evening of the 28. February 1986 the Swedish Prime Minister, Olof is shot Palme at close range. In Stockholm, he makes up with his wife after a visit to the cinema on the way home, without bodyguards or police protection. A man shoots him from a short distance twice in the back and flees. The 59-year-old palm tree is still brought to a hospital, where he dies shortly thereafter.

Who shot Olof Palme, do not know you until today, a murder weapon was never found. On Wednesday morning at 9.30 am for 2017 investigating Prosecutor will present his latest findings, he or she may be called Suspicious and knows more about the background of the assassination.

The hope to get after 34 years finally answers, in Sweden is large – because of the murder of the popular politician left a painful wound in the traditionally open society. And yet all of the police failed even chiefs and prosecutors in the investigation of the crime.

At the scene a plaque commemorates the murder of the Swedish Prime Minister.Photo: Keystone

First, the case looked promising: After intensive investigation, was sentenced in 1989, while the petty criminal Christer Pettersson as assassin. In the second instance, he was spoken of but free again, among other things, because the authorities of the widow, Palmes said in the confrontation with the alleged perpetrators with decisive information on Pettersson.

< p > indeed, many theories

the murder of Sweden’s Prime numerous conspiracy theories revolve since then – the assassination of the charismatic palm is compared often with that of John F. Kennedy in 1963. In recent times, particularly popular is the theory that a secret Nato group, Olof Palme did not assassinate, because of this, researchers offered during the Cold war, the Soviet Union enough, the forehead and the nuclear armament of Nato fought is. Also, the “Skandia-man” apply to many of the perpetrators – he apparently harbored a hatred for the Prime Minister, was the first witness on the scene, and worked in the nearby Skandia building.

Or the gun lobby had to eliminate the social Democrats, because he was always against war and for disarmament is strong? It was the Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK, which was, at that time, behind several murders in Europe? The supposedly right-wing extremist infiltrated the Swedish secret service had its Finger in the game? Or is the CIA behind the assassination?

The archive with all the files to the murder of Olof Palme fills 250 meters of shelf space. 10’000 witnesses were interviewed, 8000 traces studied, but until today nobody was able to solve – in the picture Stig Edqvist, chief investigator from 1996 to 2017 – the case. The costs will exceed 40 million Swiss francs.Photo: Reuters

the South African intelligence service is suspected of the murder of Palme, because of the Swede against the Apartheid had made the Regime highly. Apparently, it was in the 1990s, several confessions of secret agents and Swedish police confirmed that at the time of the assassination, in fact, a South African had secret stopped agent in Stockholm. Also, the Journalist Jan Stocklassa went after this track, he continued research of the 2004 late crime author Stieg Larsson.

the confessions, however, there were several people and organisations. So, too, the Red army faction RAF known to the fact, the police stopped the but a lie. A total of some 130 confessions received over the years, none of them proved to be credible.

state funeral: The 15. March 1986 was worn Olof Palme in Stockholm to the grave.Photo: Reuters criticism of investigators

in addition to the possible motives and implications of the role of the investigator in the centre of the discussions. The police will biographers, journalists, authors, and Olof-Palme-again and again, as incompetent, and criticized. In addition to the errors in the trial against Christer Pettersson, the apparently careless led investigation has directly contributed to the murder to do so.

the crime scene was not cordoned off properly, with possibly traces were blurred. The projectiles have not been found by civilians, which speaks for a clean police work. And the slight injury of Olof Palme’s widow, were never explored in more detail – you would have been able to provide more accurate information on the fact.

Why the Stockholm chief of police took over the investigation, and not a Federal Agency, is currently unclear. So the Swedes are now banned, whether or not it is on Wednesday morning, to finally have clarity on the fact in one of the most popular and internationally best-known Swedish politicians.

Olof Palme after his electoral success 1985ddp/STELLA Pictures/Stefan Lindblom fight for peace and equality

Olof Palme, 1927, the youngest son of a family in the Stockholm Nobel district of Östermalm was born. He joined in the early years of the social Democrats and campaigned for peace, disarmament and against the Apartheid Regime in South Africa.

Already as a 36-Year-old, he was the Council of state, and was in the Swedish government. During this time, the America-friendly, but peace protested loving palm against the Vietnam war, and criticized the USA for their war crimes, for which he even Nazi-comparisons used.

man of the people: The social Democrat Olof Palme stood up for equality and refused, often on bodyguard.Photo: Keystone

palm served twice as Prime Minister of Sweden from 1969 to 1976 and then from 1982 until his assassination in 1986. He was able to celebrate in his tenure with the family policy reforms, successes, and advocated for more equality and equal rights. The social Democrat, created places in kindergarten and opened the labour market for women. Internationally, he mediated in the First Gulf war between Iran and Iraq.

in the Middle of the Cold war, the anti-attended Communist Fidel Castro in Cuba. In Sweden, he was vilified as a spy for the Soviet Union and received death threats. Nevertheless, he relinquished the car to an armored service and guardian was without the body on-the-go.

Olof Palme visited in 1975, the Cuban President, Fidel Castro.Photo: action press media conference live on Youtube

After a lot of police surveyed heads and prosecutors of the case of Olof Palme for years, unsuccessfully, since February of 2017, the Prosecutor Krister Petterson the investigation. He gave early on to be optimistic, to have new insights to the case. At the beginning of 2020, he spoke of new tracks, and the Suspect, apparently he is supposed to have constructed the sequence of events.

On Wednesday morning, he will present the results of his work, and either the charges against the Suspect, levy, or the investigation after more than 34 years setting. The latter, however, would necessarily be a failure, because most of the previously Suspected and eligible offenders are now deceased and can no longer be charged accordingly. Thus, in the first instance, convicted Christer Pettersson died in 2004 after an accident, the first witness on the scene, the “Skandia-man,” shot himself in the year 2000 itself.

Prosecutor Petterson occurs at 9.30 a.m. in Stockholm, in front of the international media, because of the Coronavirus pandemic will be to see his presentation live on Youtube.

Olof Palme in 1985 in Stockholm: On Wednesday morning, Sweden hopes that the new findings about the murder of your Prime Minister.Photo: KeystoneFür the family of the social Democrats, the case is solved, but for a long time: The widow Palmes identified Christer Pettersson as the murderer and also the sons of the couple believe that the petty criminal has committed the act. Petterson was acquitted in the second instance, in the absence of Evidence. REUTERSOlof palm, here after his election as Prime Minister in 1982, remains in Sweden and internationally in the memory, not only by the unresolved murder case, the politician enthused many people all over the world with his passionate commitment to equality and peace.via REUTERS1 / 3 comment please Log in to comment