In the former main customs office, it is dark, but the back of something Large, Wavy, Massive is not lit all in White, because there are slight shades of colour. A picture, could you, while you climb the stairs, the suspect, an abstract painting, which is of considerable extent, the box maybe a light. First, however, a monstrous deep-sea creature, which is picturesquely situated on the ground prostrate distracts the view, a green-yellow mass with tentacles full of nubs, a giant squid, a creature from another sphere, and to adorn what is the impression of the Fluorine of the surface contributes.

Michael Holzer

culture editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

the whole Scene is surreal to Eerie, not least because of the with a dark film over-taped window, the black light that is used here, and everything is bright Material psychedelic bluish lights, and of the fence, with its ornamental covered peaks at the longitudinal sides of the exhibition space. He limited the Scenery, as he is a very special place, the scene of a strange Ritual, maybe. It also smells weird. A musty odor. He goes out from the fence.

a guest Professor at the städel school

When you come Closer, it turns out that the big White one is an iceberg, a cold colossus, kept in shape, to learn how later, of a cooling unit, which is not, of course, a guess. Who looks from the side on the Frozen, discovered traces of hands. And visitors are invited to touch the iceberg. To delve deeper into the private mythology of the 1990 the Houston-born artist Bunny Rogers. Their installative work “Pectus excavatum” is created as part of the BHF-Bank-Foundation-funded Frankfurter positions. You also allowed that the two or three years ago to international fame was American, currently as guest Professor at the städel teaches school.

Rarely, the Dependance of the Museum of Modern art seemed so suitable as an exhibition space, that seems a little Morbid of architecture with its Support for these objects. You could call them sculptures. However, just as the difference between the image and the area leveled, so the things that were listed here are of the highest ambivalentem character. The giant squid is made of silicone, but with the force of reality, is obviously a detailed and accurate Image of the actual mega-mollusks exist. She has never seen someone in their natural environment.

But the inhabitants of the deep ocean is also a mythical being, a product of the Imagination, an Alien. Bunny Rogers says that the deep sea has been to you in your Childhood, a space in which your imagination have drawn. While others would have been interested in the universe, have you excited for the closer, but is still largely unexplored and unfathomable underwater world. The Imagination of this habitat is less strongly influenced by pre-defined images such as the of the universe, to think the non-Star-Wars-figures difficult. In contrast, the images that come to us, to the Depths of the ocean, indefinite. A refuge in the Internet age, with its flood of images.

Like everything that Bunny Rogers can Form, also has to do with the iceberg with a personal experience. As a child, she saw an exhibition of it, a year after the “Titanic”movie came out in theaters, among other things, as long as you managed to lay hands on an artificial iceberg. It must have been for the small Bunny to have a sustainable experience.