The mole –

now, In Mol, in the Antwerp Kempen, has a mayor, and Wim Caeyers (CD&V), on Friday, the municipal phase I of the action plan was promulgated on the advice of the fire brigade, after the accident using a so-called ADR-pick-up truck. The best in the city. The truck will be transporting because of toxic substances that are highly flammable, and there is also a cloud of that stuff released. Residents are advised to get to the doors and windows closed to keep out.

The accident occurred at the Zuiderring (N71), at the height of the Postelsesteenweg. There were no injuries, but the road there is a view of the situation is completely shut down in both directions. The traffic will be locally routed, via the “white road” and of the Paviljoenstraat.

the Fire brigade and the police were on the spot, and the crisis cell of the church has been called to consider whether any additional measures need to be taken. According to the municipality, was due to the accident, a toxic cloud is released from the pick-up truck. Experts from a specialist company are on the road, in order to gauge how great the released the cloud”, what it sounds like. “The inhabitants of the Ldcs of Raw are advised to have windows and doors, and ventilation systems to shut down and to stay inside the house. The school is in the Raw was given the advice to take the kids in.”