The municipal Council of Zurich – Free Badis are as soon as possible an Initiative calls for free entry to the Zurich open air baths. Yesterday, the concern took to the Zurich Council a further hurdle. David Sarasin0 comment it goes to the left / green majority in the municipal Council, will Swim in Zurich soon for all be free of charge.Photo: Urs Jaudas

bathing in the municipal baths soon for free? This calls for the Initiative of the PdA. On Wednesday the concern was dealt with in the municipal Council.

The justification of the initiative: Financially weak prepared by families will facilitate the access to the sport. The Zurich city Council recommended that the concerns of 2018 to the rejection, but the Commission produced a counter-proposal received in the Council a clear consent.

Thus should be not all of the city pools, but all the open-air baths in the future, free of charge. In addition, sports clubs will receive free admission to sports facilities and pools. Whether the PdA will consider the Initiative, announced at the end of June. Thus, the counter-proposal without a vote.

the School – and sport head of Filippo Leutenegger Initiative as a counter-proposal rejected in no uncertain terms. “We have a perfect System. I see no need for action,” he says. The concern of creating new problems. In the case of an assumption about the seaside tourism from the Agglomeration will increase, and, in addition, additional staff was needed.

The left-green majority in the Council, however, showed in this fierce debate, sympathy for Free Badis. “Sports should not cost anything,” said about Urs Ricklin (Green). The Initiative is a service of the community for the community. The cost of 12 and 15 million francs, were justified because of a sporting would not cost activity – in particular, the low – income population.

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