Brussels –

The ribbetjesrestaurant Amadeus is being re-infested due to all the mice. Last year, it had to be the case in Brussels, was also closed due to health problems. “We have been in the restaurant for the first time.”

as A traveller, noted Tuesday night – at a time when the restaurant was closing, that there were mice in the restaurant, ronddartelden, recorded the moment on his smartphone and posted it to social media sites. The film, which is different to mice, to show that without being disturbed by the restaurant’s run, and while the operators are still working – it was already thousands of views.

the belgian Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain (FASFC), the movie has already pointed out. That it took, in the meanwhile, please contact with the passers-by, and asked him to lodge a complaint against the restaurant.

“We are taking this film very seriously, not least because of the restaurant and in the past have been closed due to a lack of hygiene,” says Elizabeth Van De Voorde, the belgian food safety agency.

the Restaurant is in sight”

at the End of August, 2018, were restaurantvestigingen in Brussels and one in Kruishoutem, from the owner to still be closed due to problems with pests.

“in Normal subjects, as our auditors for the for three years in a restaurant to do research. In the event of infringements, there may be various consequences will be given. Thus, it can be a warning associated with of areas for improvement, and then a short time later, a new control is as follows. We will look at or all of what is put down on paper, it is also to be performed. We may also impose fines. However, if there are major problems, and the consumer is at risk, then we can move on to a temporary closure.”

“That there are exceptions, but for many, the past year had been done. That mice have been spotted on the other, is simply unacceptable, and I would like to certainly be a result of them. We have a restaurant, so for the first time.”

the PRODUCTION of the muizenprobleem in Amadeus, this time on social media is to be learned, the problem is a bit more complicated. “Before we move on to action, we need to be sure of the authenticity of the video. But, nevertheless, we recommend people have a chat with the owner for you. Then they give us form to fill in, so that we will be able to proceed with the action.”

“Hard to love”:

Klodjan Zugu of the Amadeus Group, letting them know that it’s a problem of the mouse itself, especially on the street is. “We have to be there, along with several neighbors are already bothered by it. The problem lies in the waste disposal industry. The company set the evening of their bags, but the homeless, the cracks that are open at night, which pests are attracted. If there is, then, the next day, a delivery is carried out, it could be that the rats with binnenglippen. That is, it is very difficult to stop.”

According to the Zugu, the belgian food safety agency on the 21st of October, the restaurant is on a test, and there were no defects identified. “The auditors told me that everything is in accordance with the rules. As a result of the film, there are, by the way, again, inspectors turned up Wednesday night. Also, now that there were no irregularities found.” Zugu for the muizenprobleem also been in contact with the city of Brussels, belgium. “They told me that they were working on the problem. A possible solution is, for example, for containers in the area, but for the time being I have no comment on the city’s got it.”

“Just as in Amsterdam and Paris and also in Brussels, a lot of mice,” says Marc Muylders of the Hospitality industry in Brussels, belgium. “You’re sitting in Brussels and the reality of the river Senne, which in the eyes anymore. The problem will never go away, even in the best of restaurants have mice in the house – but it can be dealt with. First of all, through food, to save the mice there are not able to cope, but also by using a specialized company to go with. It’s hard to say whether or not Amadeus has done so. I don’t think that the other restaurants in the area immediately associated with it are going to be.”