The mother identifies the body of her dead son in the morgue, a few months later, he’s suddenly on her doorstep


The 62-year-old Antonina Mikhailovna, from the Russian seaport town of Kronstadt was identified in the morgue with the body of her missing son, Konstantin (43). Four months after the mother’s farewell to her son-took up with a boyfriend was the man tells me, again in front of the door, so as to report to Russian media.

In march, went to the troubled Antonina for the police to have her son go missing on the show. Constantine was gone, and could no longer make their voices heard. “It’s been six days and no longer at home,” says his mother.

The police have launched a search, but to no avail. About a month and a half after her personal income tax return, the woman received a call from the police. She had a body found in the water, which they believed to be her son. There were a lot of the inconsolable Antonina for the mortuary to come and to bring her child to us.

In St. Petersburg, she was pretty sure her son is to recognize that Constantine is officially the death was officially declared. And the loved ones.

The whole family was in mourning. Constantine had a wife and a young daughter. He was a student once at a military school. His family was heartbroken. This went on for four months, until the sad story in a bizarre turn of events was.

There was a knock at the door. When Antonina opened the door, she was right in the sight of her, alive and kicking ’dead’ son, and that they are to faint. She realized immediately that she was a terrible mistake had been made in the mortuary. The guy at the door was one hundred percent sure of her own Constantine.

The woman lifted directly from the police department. The police’s frankly a “stupid” mistake to have made. “We’d have had confirmation from the wife, should have done more to check on.”

The family of the divorced husband and the father of a young daughter who is very happy with his return, but Constantine himself was not satisfied. Since he’s officially dead, it is stated, is that he did not formally any more. It’s actually hard to do this as a one-two-three-back rotation.

And all that is left is the question of who was the body in which Antonina was looking for her son, and allowed cremation?’