The most unfaithful zodiac signs


There are 12 of them… and in the opinion of some of the most convinced, they shape all or part of life. The astrological signs, which make up the zodiac, represent an animal wheel, explains Femme Actuelle on its site, which is itself supposed to symbolize “the energies” crossing “the living” throughout a “solar year”. To be able to identify the role played by such totems, our colleagues called on astrologers – who should not be confused with astronomers. The former are not recognized by the latter, who belong to the scholarly community, as explained by France Inter.

“For an astronomer, our sky is the real sky, the sky of objects like the moon or the sun,” explains astronomer Daniel Kunth, author of Is Astrology a Sham? (CNRS edition). And he continues, emphasizing the differences in approach: “For astrology, the sky is a symbolic sky. When I look at an astrological chart, I do not hear mention of the properties of the planets in question. The fact that Venus is a torrid planet, subject to extreme temperatures, to inhospitable pressures, does not fit into their codes. For them, it is always the symbol of love”.

The astrological sign depends on the date of birth, continues Femme Actuelle. Here are the dates to remember.

According to astrologers, not all signs are equal when it comes to building a stable and serene life as a couple. Femme Actuelle, based on the dates of birth recorded when registering on the extramarital dating site Gleeden, has drawn up the ranking of the most unfaithful signs. More information on this subject in our slideshow that you will find below.