The most popular baby names for 2023


The choice of the first name of a future child is a crucial step in its conception. It is above all a crucial choice for the principal concerned, namely the human being in the making: the first name will constitute the basis of his identity. It is also proven that our first name says a lot, even influences our personality!

Indeed, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, the choice of first name is necessarily representative of what parents say about their child, which therefore influences their way of educating him. The choice of first name can also demonstrate what some parents want for their child, expectations that are sure to influence their personal development over time.

Some will prefer originality or beauty to ease. Others, possibly themselves somewhat traumatized by the fact of having an atypical or difficult to spell first name, will opt for a more common choice. Another obstacle that arises when choosing the name of a future child: outside influences! It is up to the parents, and them alone, to name their offspring.

An overly pushy mother-in-law or a very judgmental brother would do better to keep their thoughts to themselves. Think about it if a couple you know is about to start a family. Opting for a very popular first name is always an easy solution. Still need to find one that both parents like!

Find below the 20 most popular girl and boy names for 2023, according to the Official First Names, and as reported by our colleagues from Au FĂ©minin.