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The masks do not serve and do not need to carry them. The coronavirus is a biological weapon manufactured by chinese scientists, or by the CIA. The pandemic of COVID-19 it’s a conspiracy by Bill Gates to sell vaccines. Although NASA deceive us, the Earth is flat, or a ball socket.

These are just some of the malarkey that may disappear quickly but because they are constant and widely disseminated via the social networks. According to the philosopher Adrian Bardon are the result of a “bias unscientific” by some people reject the evidence or the consensus of the experts . Bardon points out as a possible cause of the need to defend themselves against messages that are threatening, as that we should change our way of life to fight against a virus is invisible, especially if these messages come from the elites. The problem is that all this silliness is amplified not only endanger the effectiveness of vaccines, the health of others or the containment of the epidemic: in addition, it can kill.

research published in “The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene” has evaluated thousands of rumors and false news spread via the social networks, coming to the conclusion that all disinformation and conspiracionismo can have a direct impact and is relevant to the public health. Among other things, stated that the hoax that drinking alcohol highly concentrated you may end up with the coronavirus has claimed at least 800 lives in Iran.

Following up on this false information, around 800 people have died , 5.876 have been hospitalized and 60 have been left totally blind after drinking methanol as a cure for coronavirus”, wrote the authors, led by Saiful Islam, a researcher at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

in Addition to these victims, the scientists have reported other cases: in Turkey and in Qatar have died 30 and two people, respectively, by the ingestion of disinfectant. In India, a dozen individuals, including five children, sick after drinking alcohol , after seeing a video in which it was said that that boost the immune system.

Drinking urine, or bleach

Apart from alcohol, there are many other hoaxes that recommend drinking bleach, urine of cow or sprayed chlorine bleach to avoid the virus. In a church in South Korea, a pot of salt water led to 100 people becoming, after the people chuparan without prior cleaning.

In total, the researchers have identified over 2,300 rumors , stigma, or conspiracy theories about the coronavirus, reported in 25 languages and in over 87 countries.

All of them are easily accessible via the internet and this is precisely where lies his danger, according to the authors: “The disinformation driven by the rumors, stigmas, and conspiracy theories it can have serious consequences on communities and individuals, if you are prioritized on the guidelines evidence-based”, have been written.

therefore, have proposed that the health agencies to combat this misinformation, in real time, of the hand of communities and institutions.

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