The “mirror”correspondent Christoph Scheuermann has visited a very interesting place. A “fantastic” place, as he writes. Fantastic, he appears for two reasons: because Scheuermann has met many open-minded people, and because this is the small town, on the former “Spiegel”editor Claas Relotius told a fairy tale and this as a documentary; Fergus Falls, Minnesota has issued.

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for the features section Online and “media”.

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There is no add-on with “the Home of Damn Good Folks starts at the Sign, on which alone the Name of Fergus Falls,”. The dark forest of the Relotius whispered, and he imagined that dragons lived there. The Trump-voters, the paddles supposedly coal, has led, in truth, a Fitness Studio and does not deliver packages, the man of the municipality is sitting with a Beretta in his office in the city hall, this is also not a stuffed wild boar, he has, unlike it was in Relotius, a friend, and was this also on the sea. In the story of the “mirror”-author Relotius told, it was all very different. The Mexican who showed up with him, is not seriously ill, but in the best of health, she dreams back to Mexico and just opened with her husband a Restaurant.

The mayor of Fergus Falls, accepted the apology for all the lies that have been spread in the name of the “mirror”, as the correspondent Scheuermann writes, when I come in: “It looks as if Fergus was If the most forgiving city in the Western hemisphere. People outdo each other in niceness. The first sentence, to me, the mayor, Ben Sheer to hurl,: , apology accepted! What are you drinking?‘“ Michele Anderson and Jake Krohn, however, the wife of the artist-run initiative and the IT consultant, the Relotius lies point-by-point refuted, are the heroes of the city.

you can only be ashamed of

part of the name of the fiction” of Relotius were “identical with the reality, sometimes they are distorted, writes Scheuermann, in the end, it was necessary to determine “that the real people that connects nothing with the characters, which the Text describes”. Relotius have created in Fergus Falls, “a fantasy, a dream of a Text”. This served, of course, as we remember, all the prejudices about the Trump-voters in the American Hinterland, which can only have an evil fairy tale with clearly distributed roles, not real people, but with such, “the Sundays for Donald Trump to pray”, as it was called in the opening credits to Relotius’ fabulösem Text.