the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, is locked against a complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge in this legislature. “No, we do not live in a One-party Regime,” he said of the “image”newspaper on Friday on the question of whether the Grand coalition with a CDU-decision for the full Soli-abolition will follow. “The coalition agreement”.

There am clear that the solos should only fall for 90 percent of the citizens. Now, if someone wanted to still tax cuts for the top earners, then he thought the opposite: “for Us, other things are more important.” So, it should be ensured that children should not live in social assistance.

Scholz renewed his call for a higher minimum wage. “The distance between Hartz IV and a low-wage today is too small,” he said. “Therefore, we need wages to ensure that the one who works, deserves to be in any case more than a person receiving Hartz IV”. If the candidate for the CDU presidency, Jens Spahn, say, every Job had to be reasonable, then he can find “such contradictions intolerable”.