A procession of about 7 000 migrants hondurans is in route, through Mexico, to the United States. Fleeing the poverty and violence of their country, they have already crossed the Guatemala and, despite the speech is threatening to the administration Trump, they intend to spend this last frontier.

They could join the 11 million illegal immigrants present in the United States, including 400,000 Hondurans according to estimates. According to the figures for 2016 from the department of homeland security (Deparment of Homeland Security), the Honduran equivalent to 130 000 entries legal in the country since 1999 — about 18 million legal immigrants entered the United States during the period 1999-2016.

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” Everything is in place to prevent the onslaught of illegal aliens on our southern border. People should first make an application for asylum in Mexico, and if they do not, the United States reject, ” said Donald Trump on Twitter, Sunday, October 21.

immigration rates in the 0.5% of the population

first raised largely by the us president and the conservative press, this caravan of migrants represents only a very small percentage of migration, legal or illegal, across the Atlantic. Thus, for the single year 2016, 1.18 million of migrants returned home in the United States legally, for a total population of approximately 325 million people, or 0.36 % of the population – the level of the mid-1990s.

illegal immigration is, by definition, difficult to measure, but studies by the Pew research Center estimate that a peak of 12.2 million undocumented migrants were present in 2007. Since then, this figure would be decreased to 11.1 million, with very few new entries on the territory. The Mexicans would represent a little more than half of this estimated population.

on The side of legal immigration, the statistical series dating back to 1820, and once reported to the total population, it remained at very low levels compared to those of the Nineteenth century and even the beginning of the Twentieth century.

A share of migrants decline in the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries

This graph represents the evolution of legal immigration to the United States – the entries in the country – reported to the total population per year.

SurvolezSélectionnez the round on the chart to see the detail. Sources : Office of Immigration Statistics, the Migration Policy Institute Asia much ahead of all other continents

The us president did campaign on the “dangers” of immigration, south-american or central-american, which does not represent however only a fraction of the immigration, about one-third of all the entries legal in the country. Ditto for the african background, which represents 1.5 million entries in eighteen years, or on average 86 700 people per year since 1999 — the date from which the american administration provides detailed figures.

But it is Asia that is in the first position, with 6.8 million admissions on the us territory. In the first rank of asian countries there is China, with 1.2 million immigrants in ten to seven years ; followed by India with 1.1 million and the Philippines with 989 000 people. It is also worth noting that the Mexico — 2.9 million legal immigrants, is categorized in central America in the american statistics, when geographers are in North America.

Asia to all other continents

This graph represents the cumulative number of persons who have entered the United States legally by geographic origin for the period 1999-2016.

Sources : Office of Immigration Statistics, Migration Policy Institute to Explore the topic “In a graph” of set-top boxes