“The Messi of the office” – He discovered future Stars, and given his Knowledge on YoutubeDer man shaped Seville from the second division to the Europa League winners, after that, he was head of sports, five million euros In Monchis success system Vladimir Petkovic acts as a Scout.Fabian Sangines0 comment gets the next top Star? Sevilla sports chief Monchi is regarded as a Star of the industry.

At first glance it does not seem to be financially the best example. But the FC Basel-trained Ivan Rakitic was a stroke of genius by Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo. As Seville’s head of sports, that is actually referred to as “Monchi”, in January 2011 the midfielder was looking for was Rakitic tolerated at Schalke 04 just. Not more than an average of his performance were, at least that was the public perception. Deep in the South of Europe there was but one who is convinced of his qualities. Monchi Schalke took advantage of the lack of appreciation, and brought the then 22-Year-old for 2.5 million euros to Sevilla. Rakitic was sold to a Captain, an audience favourite, the Europa League winner and after three and a half years for 18 million euros to Barcelona. The discovery was worth but not only athletically and financially, for The two were good friends, Monchi is the godfather of Rakitics daughter.

the close connection of the two is no coincidence. Monchi likes to be close to the players, even more so, he is asking for you. And for a simple reason: “Often, poor performance with personal problems to explain. The better I know the players, the better I can help him. Playing football is like riding a Bicycle: The forgotten is not so simple.” So says the 51-Year-old in the 13-part series “Monchi 13 Masterclass”. During the pandemic, was affected by the Spain particularly hard, published in Seville in regular intervals around a 15-minute film on Youtube, where Monchi aspiring sport leaders, and other Interested parties, explains his work. And in a remarkable openness.

In Spain, the series was a hit. That alone shows the reputation of a sport, the heads of the Roma in the summer of 2017 with a five million Euro transfer fee paid – however, Monchi returned after two unsuccessful years. Better it goes to him in his native country, at FC Sevilla. And not only in this season, in the Sevilla before the Derby against Betis tomorrow, Thursday, is on the third place in the standings. There, where he installed after his career as a Goalie after the relegation season of 1999/2000 as the Athletic Director was. At his home club, the one, for he was as Active, not earned, he is only short-term successes (immediate re-promotion into the Primera Division), but continued the Scouting and youth work. Both of which he referred to in his Masterclass as the Foundation for a successful Seville to detail to carry out as a Scouting works under his direction.

He makes Petkovic for the

The expiration of every year is the same: From July to December, the “gross held-sighting”. Together with his twelve Scouts, he divides the various leagues in classes: group A, the larger leagues such as Germany, England, and also of Talent are countries such as Brazil and Argentina. The Super League belongs to the group B, on an equal footing with the US League, the MLS, or the Austrian Bundesliga. In order to save work, the Scouts in group B on the sighting of players, which already belonged to the (Junior)national team. So Vladimir Petkovic also acts, for example, as the Swiss national coach, as a Scout, to stand on the payroll. Group C continental wettbwerbe as the African Cup of Nations or the Asian Champions League. Each Scout will receive a A-League, two leagues and three in the category C are allocated.

Won with Sevilla in the Europa League: The current Barça player Ivan Rakitic.KEYSTONE

Each of the scouts provides each of its Teams with the eleven Best of the month. Namely: one for each A-League, plus a selection of the B – and C-classes. At the end of December, the results of each year a list of about 550 players. “From then on, it no longer goes to A-, B – and C-groups, but to specific names,” said Monchi. For the next four to five months is the “net” of the series. This means that each Scout analyzes six to seven lots of players on the list, he has not seen before. It is paid attention to only technical and tactical equipment, the mental aspect will be weighted to: Trumps of the candidate in home games, away but more trouble? He demands only against weaker Teams, the Ball is hidden but as soon as he is up against a top Team?

the goal is to create a Ranking with the best players. And, as Monchi stressed: “for all positions. Because nothing leads more often to Failure than Improvisation.” He also has the right candidates, if the Trainer want to such as a game maker, but the right-back pulls surprisingly his exit clause to go to Barcelona. Although, to be Barça, a change of a Seville-professionals never a Surprise: In the last twelve years, the Catalans paid about € 130 million for six players. Among other things, 35.5 million for Dani Alves, the Monchi for 500’000 from Brazil had brought.

Excess of 120 million Euro

the most important feature for a footballer comes on the final list of five to six names that Monchi his coach, presented annually: the man is missing, however. “We get players that we know personally”, he says, human qualities are just as important as the technical.

With this philosophy managed to Monchi, to form a second division with a three-times Europa League winner and two-time Spanish Cup winner. And with a transfer surplus of around 120 million euros. This is also why Monchi got the Nickname “El Messi de los despachos,” the Messi of the offices. He does not like to: “A second Messi, there is not.” Monchi need to know – otherwise he would have him already on his list.

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