speculation about a Federal government-driven merger of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, have attracted investors. The share prices of the two houses climbed this Thursday temporarily to up to 4.5 percent, to 8.22 euros and 7,26 Euro.

“There are some investors to jump on the topic of Fusion,” said a trader. “This could be in a few years to issue a judgment, because both institutions still need to do your homework. Two patients do not Healthy.“ At noon, the title, in contrast, were only slightly in the Plus. On the later Wednesday afternoon, get the value of the two securities rose more than 5 percent.

“The road is still long,”

to make it easier, According to a report by the financial service Bloomberg, the Federal government is looking for Ways to Deutsche Bank, a merger with the rival. Among other things, to changes in the law, in order to make the conversion of the Bank into a Holding company for a more favourable taxation. “The way to such a merger should be pursued – in our opinion, is a more,” said investment analyst Martin Güth of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.