Antwerp –

A man with a hammer, has on Thursday morning, a staff member was attacked at the Urban School, Cadiz, on a small Island in Antwerp, belgium. The 21-year-old man who got it injuries. A 51-year-old colleague, who intervened, walking is also a light injury. The culprit was able to escape. The local criminal investigation department conducts an investigation into attempted murder.

The incident happened at around 8: 30 am. A man came to the school with a hammer and it fell down, the 21-year-old man. “It seems in any case that the perpetrator knowingly is that one member of staff viseerde,” says politiewoordvoerder Wouter Bruyns.

another member of staff intervened, and was also slightly wounded. The culprit fled away after away. Two of the victims were being cared for at the hospital. “The police have a well inspection will be done in the area, but to no avail. In the context of the response to the incident, the incident will be investigated by the local criminal investigation department,” says Bruyns.

now, In the interest of the investigation, the police have no further details will be lost.