now, the Illegal loggers come the Friday in the Brazilian Amazon, a group of local people ambushed and opened fire on him. It was one of his life, Paulo Paulino, who is known for his fight for the preservation of the forest.

Paulino was on Friday hunting for the Arariboia reserve in the northern Brazilian state of Maranhao, then, when he was attacked with a bullet in the back of the head was given. A man who was with him, was wounded, but managed to escape. The Brazilian police has an investigation open.

The dead man, who is in his Guajajara tribe was mentioned as a ‘He’ (‘the Wolf’), was a staunch supporter of the rights of the indigenous native american tribes. Because the police are not acting to stop the illegal logging in their reserve, the Guajajara indians (more than 20,000 and is one of the largest indigenous groups in Brazil to take matters into their own hands, in their part of the Amazon rainforest.

The dangerous job of “woudbeschermers”

“woudbeschermers”, as they call themselves, set ambushes for the lumberjacks, who are under the threat of firearms, swords, and the police to surrender. They are on patrol, looking for invaders, and put in their camps, and the vehicles on fire.

Paulino said in september in an interview to the rainforest and protect it as a “dangerous job” had come, but stressed that he and his people would shy away from for fear of. “Sometimes, I am afraid, but we’ll have to head held high, and ” take action”, they said in the past. “We are fighting here in our country and in our own lives, for the animals, the birds and the people. There is so much nature is being destroyed, the beautiful trees with wood as hard as steel, which may be neergezaagd and will be removed. We have to have our way of life for the future of our children.”


According to the stamleiders the violence against the indigenous population, and due to the hate-speech of the Brazilian president, Bolsonaro. “The government has blood on its hands,” says the APIB, an association of about 900,000 are indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest. “The governmental agencies that are in charge of the environment and the plight of the indigenous people, are being dismantled, so that the tribes themselves, to defend it against the invasion of their country. This is institutionalised genocide.”

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