The Man of Our Lives (M6): 3 things to know about the new series to follow


Do you really know your other half? This Thursday, November 24, M6 is broadcasting to viewers The Man of Our Lives, an original mini-fiction to discover from 9:10 p.m. Split into four episodes of 52 minutes each, the series born from the imagination of Amaury Fournial and directed by Frédéric Berthe is likely to keep you spellbound.

Between thriller and romantic comedy, The Man of Our Lives brings together a prestigious cast of actors. With actor Jonathan Zaccaï in the lead role, surrounded by actresses Odile Vuillemin, Helena Noguerra, Flore Bonaventura and Élodie Frégé. Four women with different backgrounds, but linked by a single individual who changed their lives. Planet tells you everything.

Indeed, this original soap opera from M6 follows the story of four heroines ready to do anything to overthrow the man who defrauded them. Among them, Camille (Odile Vuillemin), the first victim of the fraudster who tricked her by emptying her family’s hotel accounts. Seeking revenge, she joins forces with Oriane (Flora Bonaventura), the second victim of the crook who took her mother’s inheritance from her. Then, they join the business manager Mathilde (Helena Noguerra) and the singer Iris (Élodie Frégé), also victims of this unscrupulous impostor.

For fiction in the genre of fiction, The Man of Our Lives is inspired by news items and real stories that have made the headlines. Among these famous scammers, we think in particular of Derek Alldred, Christophe Rocancourt (the scammer of the stars), Jacques Masset or Simon Leviev (better known recently as The Scammer of Tinder). The latter marked the hero of the TV movie Jonathan Zaccaï a lot in comparison to his character.

“It’s true, it’s very close. The producers of this series on M6, Dominique Farrugia, Amaury de Fournial and Béatrice Pacotte, were inspired by an authentic story that took place in the United States, where a impostor defrauded dozens of women”, he testifies for Télé 7 Jours. “These victims have united to obtain justice, as in The man of our lives”. This is what M6’s hero profile looks like.

In the M6 ​​thriller, Jonathan Zaccaï embodies the title role by playing with the naivety of his victims. To fit perfectly into the skin of this impostor, the actor multiplies the identities to better fool his conquests. Guillaume, Amaury, Nathan and Roman… Four false individuals for a single crook.

“This man with multiple identities is a manipulator and a crook who seduces women to steal their savings,” he explains to our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours, adding. “In my opinion, his complex psychology is perhaps the fruit of a traumatic past…”. A hero full of mysteries and secrets who nevertheless seduced the spectators during public screenings.

Before its broadcast this Thursday, November 24 on M6, The man of our lives was presented to the public in France. Two months earlier, the soap opera team was invited to the La Rochelle TV Festival for its screening. A work born from the pen of three screenwriters, Marie Guilmineau, Alice van den Broek and Éliane Vigneron, rewarded for the prize for the best screenplay.

An incredible distinction for one of the creators of the series. “This prize is a real recognition for those who carry the project for several years before it sees the light of day. The script is all the more important in series where the dramatic tension is essential”, confided Alice van den Broek to the channel, according to a statement. “We are working to create a form of addiction”. Sorority, solidarity and truth are the key words of the soap opera event, to be discovered on two Thursday evenings on M6.