Due to the ongoing shortage of truck drivers will remove The Line from Monday, 4th of november, in the week that about 20 lines in the vlaamse Rand (Flemish periphery of one or more stages. After the holidays, when the Flemish public transport Company is expected to be back again, enough drivers will be available, the entire schedule re-cycled.

As a result of the personnel shortages in the vervoerregio Flemish periphery around brussels currently have daily trips to scrap. While this is still an ad hoc basis, it happens, the company from 4/11 to demanding a number of journeys, not to drive it. This can be done with the resources available to the rest of the schedule is effectively being driven, and what the traveler will be more confident that their bus will turn up.

finally, The temporal changes in the busaanbod on the Outskirts of brussels on the 1st of november and can be found on www.delijn.be on the bus ride over infokaartjes, at the bus stops of the lines, and using the real-time data on the site and in the app.

The geïmpacteerde lines: 137, 154, 171, 212, 213, 214, 215, 230, 231, 232, 241, 242, 243, 250, 251, 260, 460, 461 and of 621. During the weekend, then the offer remains the same. This is also true for the specific schoollijnen 500-599.

The measure is limited to the Flemish region. “In some of the Flemish region, who were faced with a lack of staff contributed to the sustained and intensive effort to get the extra drivers seem to already have a result on you. The Line is to be confident that they will be after the holiday season, in the Flemish region have enough drivers and it says that the efforts for the recruitment, without prejudice to continue.

The Line is struggling already with a shortage of crew, so that regular bus routes have to be eliminated. There are now new drivers to be recruited, but that will have to be trained.

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