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do Something remarkable? Strictly new is “No Time For Love Like Now” of Michael Stipe , the leader of the group R. E. M. , in its presentation appeared excited by repeating “Im missing you”. This was a month ago, when we lived in an uncertainty apocalyptic. The song goes with good intentions, without more. Too much syrup.

Neil Young , on the contrary, it has brought together to his venerable band Crazy Horse to attack a rock rabid, entitled “Shut It Down” . When you open the bars, at full volume and with a beer, it can work as a download group of adrenaline; but, now, it sounds sad, with that video of desolate images of different parts of the planet. And again, the few tears induced, by seeing the Christ in Rio de Janeiro with all the flags of the world in procession.

A possibility

Less pretentious and, however, cash is “Lockdown” from Mike Campbell , the lead guitarist for Tom Petty. Here Mike plays also the drums and sings, big surprise, and not do anything wrong. Maybe so, unwittingly, we are faced with the possibility of restructuring the Heartbreakers .

Dion , the Dion & The Belmonts , one of the legendary figures of rock and roll, it does not seem very scared, and that embodies the spirit of New York. Dion has joined Joe Bonamassa , and together they present “Blues Comin’ On” , a rythm’n’blues energy, preview of his new album.

And other greats of american music, PHISH , have re-emerged with a whole album, Sigma Oasis, which will be of the most enduring of this uncertain number.

Have emerged as distinguished, as Bonus , with Jennifer Hudson and Jossik i and “Let Your Love Be Known” , in remembrance of the medical staff. The same Drexler and “side by side” . Although one would be listening to the same song, when Alicia Keys singing his “God Job” . Maybe have a little more tour, the rap of Fleur East , the star of X Factor, with “Not Alone” . is Bryan May from Queen , has striven to something to join the group Kings Daughters in your “Get-Up” , a song that breathes optimism and whose video featured fifty scenes global. It is somewhat ironic that the recently deceased, Bill Withers , a man of soul who left many years ago the scenarios, has been selected for one of the hymns of which we have been confining, embodied in the gospel vocals of Beverly Knight, Joss Stone, Omar & The Collective and other artists, who sing “Lean On Me” . is Lenny Kravitz walk their dogs in his home of the Bahamas and interprets your “We Cant Get It All Together” .

The Rolling Stones , after eight years, they release a song only in part composed these days with phrases like “life was wonderful and, suddenly, we were all locked in”. It is the pure style of the Stones when they are made affordable for the public at large, using the fish-eye in the video to show a planet emptied.

And the turn comes to Dylan. After “Murder Most Foul” , returns with “I Contain Multitudes”. More acoustic, with the guitar accompaniment in the foreground, as one of Phil Och, Fred Neil or Tim Hardin, is more than a simple coda of the previous one.

it Is a return to the East Village , to their twenty years together to Richard Fariña in the company of Joan and her sister Mimi. Dylan is not nostalgic. Are being laid off: “The flowers are dying, as all things”. Between appointments, to the catacombs and the corazón delator Allan Poe , appeals to the truth and to the oath that we all did, those things that nothing we were going to betray. There is acceptance that not everything is as you had desired. Dylan leaves the dream for a moment and look at his workshop, his drawings. Is painting. And remember, your energy of yesteryear. When I was able to “contain multitudes” with your breath by blowing into the harmonica.

In “I contain multitudes”, Dylan is not nostalgic. Simply, you are dismissing

There is irony, self-criticism, when we see uploaded to a brand-new red cadillac sporting a fine moustache, with more rings on their fingers that the flirty Aristotle. Ask for advice to her half-orange, half of his soul. “Who am I? Who is Dylan?”.

The range goes from Anne Frank in her retreat to Indiana Jones in raiders of the lost ark . This is not new, it takes preguntándoselo since appeared those bad guys, those Rolling of the devil. Or was it him that boulder?

In the final

Dylan agrees that it is old , knows that he is in the final straight: “I’m going straight to where the lost things start again”. As in a verse of John of the Cross or W. Blake , all flowing at once. What was the Promised Land? What is my country? Fast food, organized crime, fast cars. And I who dreamed to “contain multitudes.” Also beautiful women, queens or maids of multiple colors. “All the queens of my past life”. A country where we are armed to the teeth.

Dylan is naked: “I’m a man made of contradictions, I am a man of many moods.” Do not forget, although he has not allowed his heart to fill full of hate. Life and death go hand in hand. is Not want to leave, you want to zoom out to the grim reaper . Keep an open mind is the only path: “The sonatas of Beethoven, the preludes of Chopin, perhaps, will sound in my funeral”. And someone, maybe, someday, remember the guy contained multitudes.