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The League has made public this Sunday its decision to suspend permanently the Sports-Fuenlabrada “for exceptional cause and/or force majeure”, which implies that the Elche keep the sixth position and was the team that played the playoff for promotion to the First.

Hours before, the Fuenlabrada had given his conformity to the decision to suspend the meeting through another press release.

Now, it will be the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation who need to approve definitive to this decision.

[Thebes: “The only responsible of the trip Fuenlabrada, am I a”]

The League has said “its all thanks to the generosity of sport demonstrated by the CF Fuenlabrada with his willingness to invoke the principle pro-competitiones and abide by the decision chosen by LaLiga between the two solutions proposed by the club: wait to play the game to the recovery of the players, or suspend the match definitively”.

“in this situation, and aware of the impossibility of fixing a date even probable for the dispute of the meeting, LaLiga has moved to the Competition Committee in accordance with the definitive suspension of the match for exceptional cause and/or force majeure. Also, LaLiga communicated to the RFEF that the Elche CF will be the team that will play the playoff for promotion The League Santander”, reported the agency.

LaLiga he also stressed “the enormous sacrifice it entails for the CF Fuenlabrada the waiver of the possibility to contest the playoff”, because that means for their players to “abandon what we have achieved with your hard work and effort throughout the season to facilitate the end of the competition the rest of the clubs.”

“A waiver of difficult that makes it even more commendable the decision”, noted The League.

Elche-Zaragoza and Almeria-Girona

Thus, the two semi-finals of the playoff for promotion to First will be formed by Elche-Zaragoza and Almería-Girona . The League should specify even the dates for the dispute of these semi-finals, which had to be postponed after what happened in La Coruña.

The likely dates would be July 30 and August 2 for the semi-finals and 5 and August 8 for the two games that will decide the third promoted to the First, next to Huesca and Cádiz.