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“The primary reason I wrote about Holly, in addition to that I loved, was that it was the symbol of all these girls , who came to New York and revolved around the sun for a moment like may flies and then go away . I wanted to rescue a girl from the anonymity and preserve it for posterity “. So defined, Truman Capote, Holly Golightly, without a doubt, one of his characters more famous.

Nearly six decades after its publication, the protagonist of “Breakfast with tiffany’s”, immortalized on the big screen by the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn, reveals the last of its secrets. The great american writer will changed the name just before handing it over to the publisher.

this mode displays the typed text, the end of “Breakfast with diamonds”, which is going to be auctioned by Sotheby’s , with a starting price of between 130.00 200,000 euros. The leaves show that reveals that Truman Capote crossed out your original choice, Connie Gustafson , and replaced it with a Holly Golightly.


The author of “In cold blood” resulting in an unexpected twist rudder the last time in one of his novels the most famous. “The creation of fictitious most durable of Capote, a free spirit, charmingly contradictory sheathed in a little black dress (maybe, in fact, THE little black dress), Holly Golightly has bewitched and inspired for over sixty years, but the character only came to its full form in this final draft. The famous guitarist that lives its charm, which never goes out without his dark glasses (…) is called, until that Capote took up his pen for the last time, Connie Gustafson,” says Sotheby s.

“While Connie Gustafson can be more credible as a girl from Tulip, Texas, never would have had the impact in the world that has had as Holly Golightly. Without doubt one of the great names of the modern slapstick comedy, it is so magnificently far-fetched as your own”, topped the auction house.

Capote was sent in may 1958, this version to Random House, which published all his major works, just before he departed for Greece. The editorial was concerned then by the sexual content of the story , and the possibility of offending the signature of jewelry Tiffany’s, so it canceled its publication at the last moment in Harper’s Bazaar. An offended Capote sold the story to Esquire, but in the moment that appeared in the November edition, Random House had already published the novel in book form.

sexual Content

in Addition to the name, in the text, you can see how Capote r ebaja the sexual content, although it is still more explicit than the one that appears in his film version of 1961. For example, in his famous definition of the “mean reds” (a mixture of anxiety, fear, and anger) the writer included: “Wow, I’ve thrown in the hay with some real horrors just because you couldn’t take it anymore. I had to make somebody hug me”.

Another, and more scandalous , example comes in a later conversation between Holly and his partner in the hunt for men Mag Wildwood. The latter admits that during the sex she imagined the statue of his ancestor “Papadaddy Wildwood” with a military uniform that was in his hometown. This fragment is deleted in its entirety.

This document was the final stage of a long and complex history of writing . Capote described in an interview of 1957 with Pati Hill that he wrote his first drafts by hand. “Then I write a third draft on yellow paper, a certain kind of yellow paper, very special … when the draft yellow is finished, I keep the manuscript for a while, a week, a month, sometimes more. When you sac it again, I read it as coldly as possible, then I read it aloud to a friend or two, and I decide what changes I want to do and whether I want to or not to publish it. I’ve pulled a few short stories, a novel whole-and half of another. But if all goes well, I write the final version on white paper and that is all.”

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