The last edition of the Spex: Terribly exclusive and touching included


    In the railway Station bookstore and the last “Spex” purchased gone – in disappointment: it was expected To be a kind of pedestal. Instead, the last print edition of the “magazine for pop culture” in the folder-terraces-garden, Department of “music”, third row from the top – between specifications, their future is probably also on the presence of the “Spex”. In short the memories of all children, youth and working rooms of the past thirty years, according to the old editions of the “Spex” is searched and a single (memory). The had but, would you like to write. The truth, or at least the memory of it is that the surrendered to the young brain in front of so much refined “Lust” after about five Headers, two band names and twenty-three lines of Text unconditionally. It remained a great, perhaps deserved, but subjectively baseless – because it is hard to read-experience-based – in awe of this book and the people of the Internet had in your mind and Pop-culture wrote, as if they had invented the people that produce them.

    Axel Weidemann

    editor in the features section.

    F. A. Z.

    And as it always is, if you want to be taken, for the man has always been interested in just in front of his friends, it is now, because all of the printed end in the hands, sincerely grieved. “Bye Spex! What’s next? – The last issue about the future“ is on the Cover. This is how it starts: forward look into the hopelessness. The photo that graces the cover, shows a desert with a narrow strip of the horizon. The message: after this, and no-one is writing about the future (of Pop culture). What remains, is to watch the demise of everything in slow motion and enjoy yourself as well as possible.