customers will have to wait due to the shortage of skilled workers longer and longer to artisans. In part, the farms can no longer accept orders. “Some food companies like bakers and butchers closing day in the week, because they can’t get skilled workers,” said crafts President Hans Peter Woll zeal of the German press Agency in Berlin. “Cross-craft, we have a lead time of nine weeks, until the craftsman can begin the job to the customer, for the construction and expansion of operated even longer, up to 13 weeks.”

The establishments were working in the face of a humming economy to its capacity limits, said wool zeal: “There is not enough staff, the competition and the competition for skilled workers is large, and as a result of all of this: The waiting times for the customers are.”

“We have warned for years”

The shortage of skilled workers was the brake, a Growth, said the President of the Central Association of German crafts (ZDH), who is himself a painter and varnisher master. Orders could not be taken due to a lack of staff and processed. “We have warned for years prior to this Situation, but that was probably just Call in the forest,” said wool fervor: “The like also our Operated. Especially in a time in which we need more housing, more needs to be done to increase the energy efficiency or broadband supply. All this is not without craft.“