The king of today preformateurs Rudy Demotte (PS) and Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) received at the royal palace. However, their visit does not shed light on the issue. The king will keep his decision under consideration and the start of a new consultation. He or she will receive today, it is known as The Standard, and Paul Magnette (PS) and Bart De Wever (N-VA).

throughout The day, there was some uncertainty about how to proceed with the federal government formation. That is, the two preformateurs any new job, it was all clear. But no matter what the king will finally do it, it remains to be seen. However, the official press release, in so many words, that Demotte and a Form of preformateur-once and for all. Officially, he will keep his decision under consideration. He is buying time and to start a new consultation.

The idea was that the preformateurschap of kris peeters, minister and to Form a step on the way to, and then real guns out in the field to send to the presidents of Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Paul Magnette (PS). It would be best to be able to.

As king and He receives it on Monday, the president of the PS and N-VA, was in the audience, so it’s now been confirmed. PS president Paul Magnette, is in order to 16.45 hours, the first pass of the palace, and his N-VA colleague, Bart De Wever at 18: 30.

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as For the socialist party fell, however, have to be told that they are still unsure whether the N-VA is really a federal government with the PS. In a government with N-VA will be available for the PS, only possible with a strong social program that is more than the N-VA is now able to swallow. At the same time, called on the party to the community’s requirements, which is always on the table. It’s no secret that the socialist party would prefer to have a black-green coalition with the socialists, greens, liberals) and CD&V. Although the Open VLD and CD&V) has already clearly stated to have been given anything, in that scenario, you have to see it.

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