The racismerel around Romelu Lukaku seemed to be in Italy, just to start off with, and the Red Devil, with Inter only for now at the top of Serie A. But the Italian analyst and threw it out, inadvertently fueling the fire, with his, to say the least “unfortunate ” statement” about Lukaku. The analyst will be invited to the tv station.

Romelu Lukaku was on the second day in Cagliari welcome to apengeluiden, and the criticism of racism in Italian football, at all the markets. After the interlandbreak seemed to be that the row is to go down and Lukaku wanted to, but the whole incident behind them. The Italian analyst In Passiran on the tv in the TopCalcio24 this weekend at all the case was about. And to say that he is actually the striker’s wish to praise…

“Lukaku is one of the best transfers I don’t see any player like him in other teams in Italy”, she said. “He’s strong, and it is twice as large as the Side of the Eu. Some of the players have something that the others don’t have. By the goal to carry the team. Are the qualities of a one-on-one, well, if the opponent traps you in a duel, on the ground, or you’ll have to get him to ten bananas to feed them…”

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and Then the relevant fragment ends. Passirani, offered another on-the-air apology, but to no avail. The big boss of the channel Telelombardia hastened to make his apologies to the offer “showed up today, unworthy of the images on our station by our reporter were immediately sentenced by the court. The main character is an 80-year-old did not realize what he said and apologized for it immediately. Despite this, he will no longer be invited to participate in our broadcasts.”

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The damage had already been done as the particular clip are now going worldwide, and it is, of course, severely punished.

– step by step-backward”

this is like the second time in less than two weeks, the Red Devil is the victim of racism in Italy. In the league, with Inter Milan’s visit to Cagliari (1-2) were in the 72nd minute, apengeluiden in the stands of the home team to win, and when Lukaku is ready to take a penalty in order to put on. The striker ignored the opinion and continued to take the penalty flawlessly to that position on the board, and matchwinnaar it was.

“It’s 2019, and instead of moving forward, we are putting the steps in reverse”, how the aanvalsleider of the Red Devils, a day after the incident on Instagram. The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) was supportive of his striker’s right and the Lega Serie A has responded with a new campaign to tackle racism. The Inter Ultra’s were not well understood, as they have claimed in an open letter to the Lukaku in the heart of Cagliari fans by saying that it is no more than intimidation to get their own team to help you.

More about Romelu Lukaku Lukaku, and Inter-pack thanks to the economical victory, the leadership in Italy, Lukaku third-best earner in the Serie A, Ronaldo, one of a kind Red, the Devil can have you tonight, ” virtual places for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and this is the probable formation COLUMN, and DIJKSHOORN. “They say that the leaning tower of Pisa is crooked, so we can have the world record on racism, to address Lukaku”