There are bewakingsbeelden been released of an incident at Parkrose High School, a school located in the U.s. state of Oregon. They don’t sportleerkracht Keanon Lowe last year, a save the day after the eighteen-year-old Angel Granados-Diaz, with a gun to the school and rushed in. The man with the rifle, the removal of the student, and cuddled him for a few minutes until the police arrived on the scene. Since then, he’s all over the country to be recognized for his courageous action.

Diaz was not very good in his own skin. After a failed relationship, was that he spent months with suicidal ideation. On the 17th of may, he decided to pursue a weapon to school, but Lowe’s is not the worst thing to avoid. When he came to the young man, “visibly unhappy,” and met in the hallway, and saw that walking towards his class, and took effect immediately. “My instincts took me on,” said the teacher.

The bewakingsbeelden show what happens when the intervention occurred. After that Low, the weapon is able to give to one of his colleagues, he continued to take care of Diaz. “He began to cry, and I just wanted to let you know that I have to be there for him,” continued the man. “I felt sorry for him, I told him that I wanted him to save them.”

Earlier in the week it was published, the now nineteen-year-old Diaz to be the court of law. He was convicted and sentenced to three years conditionally, and will in the meantime, the psychological help to you.

for those Who have any questions around suicide can take a look at the zelfmoordlijn via the toll-free number to 1813, or
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