new talks on a shipping ban on the trade in medicinal products and a reorganisation of the pharmacy fees paid to the monopolies Commission, for the shipment of trade and competition. Its Chairman Achim Wambach also advocates a departure from the Federal-wide price-fixing of prescription drugs. It would be better to allow the pharmacists to give on the established prices, “discounts up to the amount of the payment that is legally Insured,” said the Economist of the F. A. Z.

Andreas Mihm

economic correspondent in Berlin.

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It’s the opposite of what the pharmacists want. With the ban – two years ago, the EU court of justice allowed shipping trade do you want to prevent just the discounts that are granted by foreign mail-order pharmacies. The pharmacy organisation Abda requested by the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), the confirmation of the “universal validity of the drug price regulation”. To be able to it with Spahn discuss, had moved the Abda your General meeting by one week to this Tuesday.

The expectations of Spahn are high, just because the pharmacist know that is not a friend of a shipping trade ban – which is in the coalition agreement. On the Apothekertag in October in Munich, he had presented not a solution, but, the importance of a single sale price, recognizing the different solution approaches are outlined: the Reform of the education, the pharmaceutical-technical assistants, better remuneration of night and holiday services, the payment of consulting services or messenger services to new Service and services. He had to call the pharmacists, you could move in with him “pretty much, if you want to”.