Langemark-Poelkapelle –

on Monday, the court case was initiated over the distribution of nude photos of local barges in the summer bar a La Brasa in Langemark. The thing that is right, however, been delayed because of the civil parties, were to show up with a third party, the person concerned, with the possible countermeasures. It is now first brought to trial.

Nicolas Alleman (43), P. B (35), which should be on Monday in the court of first instance of brussels to justify the creation and dissemination of more than 180 photographs, of naked people, at a party in the summer bar a La Brasa in Langemark on August 7, 2018. At that party, it was also the time the ships of the Spatial Planning Frank Gheeraert (45) are provided.

The two accused persons were hiding in the corn that, next to the patio for the summer bar, which is not public and was on the road. The pictures through the years to come be sent to local politicians, including the former mayor of Langemark-Poelkapelle, to be disseminated via social media.


the Masses and b. have been served a summons for a violation of the right to privacy, stalking and threats, at the expense of Rick Ostijn, the owner of La Brasa, He Gheeraert, and their partners, who were present at the party. They now have a civil party in the case, which will have to be postponed. At the request of Gheeraert, and their counsel, Carl Bentein. “We were surprised to learn that a third party is not brought to trial,” says Bentein. “It’s going to be a person we think is guilty, it is. Without his help, it was a crime not to come.”

have to Guess at the reasons.

It’s going to be one of the Belgian municipality of Boezinge, just a few kilometres away from La Brasa live. He would have the Masses, who are in a business dispute with a Ostijn, tipped off about the party. According to the Masses, who would be the man for the even the person in charge of the whole debacle have been. “Countermeasures? He was the principal. I do not,” says he.

It remains, meanwhile, to guess at the potential motives of a third person. He wanted to not have to respond to, but may, on a writ of summons to be expected. “As the injured party, can we bring the man directly to effect service of process upon, and that’s what we’ll do,” said the master Bentein. The thing is, this is Monday so it is delayed.

The judicial process is independent of any other proceeding at La Brasa around vergunningskwestie of the summer bar.