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The day this Sunday at the Hippodrome de la Zarzuela has been held behind closed doors, with only the assistance of the personnel indispensable for the development of the competition, as well as the media covering informatively the races and all this under strict measures for the health protection both in the access and in the designated areas for the day.

I have spent many years going to the Racetrack to see my favourite show. I never thought that I would live an experience like this morning. A gate without an audience, a paddock without atmosphere, without stakes and a recite of winning without the delivery of trophies, might have been the most striking images. The most emotional moment of the day has been the minute of silence between the fourth and fifth race, in remembrance to all the victims of the COVID-19 .

Minute of silence before the start of the fifth race – J. Fernández-Cuesta

The first race in this atypical “reentré” corresponded to Premio San Isidro , high Grand Prize Urquijo , in which ten of the best sprinters fought for the victory in the 1,200 meters straight line. The favorite Great Prospector met well, winning with authority by more than two bodies. Second came Presydency, , with a nice change of pace in the final meters, with continued to move shortly before the finish to Hackney Road .

followed by the Award Manola, for fillies of 3 years not winning. Thirteen participants on a distance of 1,800 metres. Output, the favorite Dakhla grabbed her head, followed by the debut Lakial , that when you enter the curve, took the helm and already the line was strong without an option to Dakhla , winning very easily by three bodies and causing a very good feeling. is Highrock Blue was third at more than seven bodies of the winner.

The third race was the Teddy Award , for colts 3-years old non-winners. Twenty participants, also on the distance of 1,800 meters. is Tronio was always controlling his rivals by making a career of “waiting”. In the straight final, presenting his attack with a high tip speed, is imposed with the brilliance beating through your body to Tagual . Third, a body behind, came Baciver.

Norai, in the meta – Revista DC Pro

The fourth race was the Award Nertal , high Grand Prize Carudel , in which the best “milleros” faces were in the 1,600-meter run. Eleven participants. To unsubscribe at the last minute the champion Oriental was as clear favorite Buthela , especially after the “break” in the time in training, but in the end the accused, being satisfied with fourth place. The race was won by the great Norai with a splendid mounts of Nieves Garcia, that entering at the head in the straight end, it was towards the goal with authority. Second, more than a body, he came Resacón, ending late and going first to Buthela and shortly before the post to Bowls the dessert was third. is Sir Roque was fifth, a neck in the fourth.

In the fifth and final point was played the Award Rheffissimo, high Grand Prix Madrid , with eleven participants from the post of 2,400 metres. is Most Empowered with the mounted Nico Julian , gave a blow to the “table”, winning with solvency giving no option to his rivals. Second, a body and a half with a nice top, came Melting Dew . Third, almost a body behind, came Eminence , liking it a lot. Here it should also be noted the reappearance of the champion Axioco , more than a year without running for a very serious injury. Is limited to feel again horse racing.